Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I'm wearing today for spring shots

Equine vaccination schedule
Today Woody got his spring shots and I had the vet out to do that.  I used to give shots myself, but as the Woodster has aged, I like to have Dr. Doug see him every year.  Today Doug was really impressed by Woody's fitness and overall health.  That's great-I'm so pleased that my 22 year old horse is still feeling and looking good.

This being Day 2 of MeMadeMay2012, I didn't wear my usual sloppy attire to work with the vet, but actually planned something a bit nicer.  The top is S2369 in a plaid jersey, paired with thrifted jeans, and Ariat mules (which you can't see, darn it).
I like this top a lot, and wearing jersey during shedding season is actually smarter than wearing a cotton tee.  Imagine a 1200 lb ball of hair, shedding at the merest touch. 

In other fashion news, I completed a few more projects recently.  They didn't photograph well as today is super overcast and the fabric colors were difficult also.  But I'm pleased with them.  I made up V1261 in a winter white ponte and it will be perfect when I am not winter white.  The photo above shows it paired with Textile Studio Soho pants in chocolate brown knit.   

Mr. Biblioblog and I are recovering from the recent events in our lives.  Preliminary lab results show that the mass was benign and we are waiting for the second set of labs.  Unfortunately, he has suffered some nerve damage and his voice is affected though we are hoping that it will return.  In the meantime, we continue to enjoy each day as much as possible, and each of us are involved in our hobbies and activities.  I wish the same for each of you, dear readers.  


  1. Such good news about the hubster, Mary!

    Your outfit today looks pretty darned good for a vet appointment. :)

  2. I love that red and black top and you look fantastic in it! And this city girl is very impressed with you giving the horse vaccinations.

  3. I really love your second outfit; an ensemble after my own heart :) Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery

  4. I like your dressy vet clothes. I wish you both good health.

  5. Great news on Mr. Biblioblog so fingers crossed the 2nd one comes back good too.

    How wonderful to know your horse is doing so well at 22.

    Love both tops.

  6. Jersey for shedding season? Our livestock is feline, but this sounds like a brilliant suggestion.

    Glad to hear the good news about Mr. Biblioblog, and hoping he makes a full recovery (and that those second results are the best possible, too.)

  7. Has anyone noticed the rapt expression of the the dog staring up at Mary in the last photo? You do look nice!

  8. Mary, that plaid top is SO flattering on you!


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