Friday, May 18, 2012

"she's coastal"

My husband and I met in Santa Cruz, CA where he was going to school and I was ... not.  It was a heady time-early 70s, cultural change, music exploding, experiments in a new way of knowing.  I thought it would never end.

In many ways it hasn't.  The above is a photo I shot two years ago at a Santa Cruz wedding.  The mother of the groom is chatting with the "minister", who for some unknown reason is dressed like a pirate.  The bride's parents are in the background and are dressed in Renaissance garb.

But I digress.  I came of age in a place that was FILLED with creative types, and those who were looking to expand their awareness through chemistry.  Simple exchanges, such as buying a cup of tea, took some time as the worker was usually totally stoned and would forget the order, or the type of tea, or the cookie...or just want to discuss something.  Lots of "whoa, dude" and "far out" and so on.  Sigh.

My husband and I still see this attitude, mostly on the coast.  We attribute it to Oregon's weather, which on the coast is almost always foggy.   Coastal residents may not imbibe anymore (which is probably not true) but they still have that totally spaced state of mind.  If someone is waiting on us and appears forgetful, or uncaring, or just plain not with it...we will say "Whoa, coastal".

We just got back from a wonderful, delightful and restful camping trip on the Oregon coast.  We camped at Beverly Beach State Park, and were tucked away in the trees, away from the beach.  This is a GOOD THING in Oregon because the beach is not like San Diego, or even Monterey.  It faces the ocean head on and it is windy and cold.  We had great weather 99% of the time, with sparkling sun, whitecaps, and wind swept sand.  It was absolutely perfect!

walking under Highway 101 toward Beverly Beach

Bandit and I strolling at low tide.

jellyfish at Newport Bay Aquarium
Playing, flying kites, running through the surf.
Sun and shadows in our campsite.
Walking up to Yaquina Head Lighthouse-windy!


  1. Beautiful Oregon coast .. I still love it..many places to camp...Glad you had good weather and enjoyed your "coastal trip.

  2. It looks like a wonderful vacation!

  3. Oh, I do miss the ocean! But then, we have the next best thing - the Great Lakes!

  4. So beautiful! I've never been to Oregon, but would really love to some day. Great jacket, too! ;)

  5. In spite of my absence from blogland of late, my fingers did this automatic late night "click" on my Blogger tab, & there was your post on top of the list. Your 'teaser' opening was so intriguing I had to pop on over to read the whole story, and I'm SO glad I did! You've put a smile on my face to go to bed with.

    Thank you. :)

  6. The Oregon Coast has such a rugged beauty that I love. How wonderful to have the beautiful weather for your trip. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  7. Looks a fab trip - we just got back from a vacation in the UK and saw some of the most wonderful views, however it was cold to say the least. Your weather looks slightly warmer than ours.

  8. Lovely looking trip. Your coat looks beautiful and I love the beach photo.

  9. The first big event I ever attended with my husband was a pirate wedding- so scary! Your trip looks wonderful- so does that coat!

  10. What beautiful photos! That looks like a great getaway.

  11. Those are some wonderful photos, looks like a great trip. :-)


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