Monday, May 7, 2012

My MeMadeMay so far...

Hi everyone,  One of the downsides of blogging and also participating in various sewing sites is that what was new yesterday is no longer by today.  But I will persevere in this post so I can discuss a few wardrobe considerations I have been mulling over.  I am participating in MeMadeMay this year for a few very selfish reasons:
1.   I love to sew, but I love to put together outfits even more.   The sewing sites I visit have some discussions about wardrobes, but the Flickr groups are easier to use to share and gain ideas.
2.   My grasp of sewing techniques has improved in the last year and I'd now like to concentrate on adding design details to my pattern choices.
3.   My life has been somewhat challenging this year and I'd like to slow down on making the best and newest patterns...instead I want to concentrate on choosing my projects more carefully.

The first fitted jacket I ever made!  S4412 in acrylic knit
Textile Studio Soho pants

B5305 dress over Boden skinnies

M6244 tee; long and loose TNT

S2369 in jersey; great pattern!

field boots, SaddleBum breeches with extra padding inside the knee and on the bum (I removed that part!),
M6244 tee, belt (backup tack), Columbia vest (it's still freezing at night)

It is clear that I love casual clothing and even when dressing to go downtown (as in the first photo), I still like a laid back look.  I also seem to love pants.  and red.  Who knew?

What is up with all of you?  Are you sewing, gardening, traveling?  


  1. Great week!! # 4 is really a new focus for me along with taking my time to improve my sewing. I'm currently trying to copy a RTW jacket even though temperatures are creeping up here in Texas. I figure I can take my time and get it right by September! :)

  2. I've liked all of your outfits... you have a lovely casual vibe that looks comfy, warm and approachable. I particularly like your patterned crossover top!

  3. I like all of your outfits too, but the dress is the one I pick out - I wouldn't have immediately thought of that style of neckline and shoulder for you, but it looks terrific.

  4. I've not stopped by here for a while, but I've been looking for each new pic you post on the flickr group. I'm learning stuff about my go-to style and preferred colours, too. It's a far cry from the style I see in my head!

  5. I have been keeping up with your MMM progress( and others ) when I found a link to the flickr page . I admire anyone who can keep up with the photos and blogging about this - must be a full time job in itself.
    I have been doing all of the above - except travelling - a little sewing. a little gardening. some paid and lots of unpaid work. and reading =- currently Middlesex for bookgroup - I am only up to page 50 but it is great - about a Greek-American Hermaphrodite.

  6. I like your style and the colours you have really suit you. Adding the details and reading what others are sewing has improved my sewing as well. Being part of MMM is showing me that I can stop the fast and furious sewing and concentrate of the quality pieces.
    I enjoy following your style.

  7. All of your outfits suit you perfectly. It's nice to be able to wear casual clothes that look completely pulled together. That is what I strive for in my wardrobe. I am loving on my new girl, Freckles. If I didn't have other responsibilities, I could spend a whole day playing with her!

  8. I agree, it's nice to look beyond the construction of items to the bigger picture of outfits, and even a wardrobe. I love that s2369 top on you, it seems to have the perfect balance of casual and comfortable but still classy and flattering.

  9. I love all of the styles. You really rock the reds, so it's no wonder you love red. The jersey wrap top is very flattering. It makes me want to try that pattern. I need to work on sewing more casual clothing. In fact, I happen to be working on casual tops this week. As far as what's up with me, I've been working, sewing, gardening (we're actually redoing our entire yard) and working on our home remodel. Busy, as always.

  10. Gotta say, Mary, that jersey wrap top looks fantastic on you! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your outfits, because I think your style suits you perfectly.

  11. Well lady You sure do know how to sew... Great outfits.. You look great in all of them.. what have I been doing? I have been busy gardening, starting seeds, and remaking a flower bed... helping with the construction of a garden shed and a bit of visiting with family... Lunch with a friend and thrift shopping a bit.. Went to Perriwinkle Home and found a few had to haves..LOL Excited for the garden shed to become FINISHED!! Keep in touch..'

  12. Great outfits! I especially love the dress over pants--I've never been able to make that work but it has a nice casual-chic vibe.


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