Thursday, April 12, 2012

hi-I've missed you

I didn't mean to stay away so long but my off line life just galloped away with me a bit.  Mr. Biblioblog and I have been taking care of our home (we are having the last basement wall finished, with outlets and switches, and covers for the water valves), we are taking care of our critters, we are studying and learning and just plain reading, and finally, we are waiting for Monday.  Monday my dearest goes in for surgery and I'll be offline until he is up and around.

I hope you will all come back and visit with me when my life returns to normal.  I have lots to share---some beautiful new clothes, some great ideas for textile art, a project I was honored to work on...and plans for June at the Marcy Tilton/Diane Erickson workshop.

In the meantime, keep sewing and creating and treating yourselves well.  luvya!
Easter 1959
Peter, David, Mimi, Paul


  1. Best of luck to your husband, Mary! I hope all goes well. You certainly have a lot of your plate right now!

  2. I sure hope all goes well on Monday Mary, I'll be thinking of you. Is that your family in the photo?

    1. Carolyn, Isn't that a cute photo of my brothers and myself? Such a fashionista even then!

  3. Mary I have missed your posts and even looked on your blog in case I just missed the notification. I send you many good wishes from the not so sunny uk for your husband's speedy recovery - I look forward to seeing your sewing and ideas soon.

  4. Best wishes to you and your family.

  5. Best wishes, Mary, for a rapid recovery, and a quick return to both blogging (for you) and regular life (for both of you)!

  6. Well, glad to know you hadn't deserted your post- I kept clicking over here and refreshing, but no refresh was to be! Good thoughts directed at you and your husband monday!

  7. Thank you everyone. We are off for a night away to rest and recharge. After Monday I will be able to connect back up. I have been sewing some "old" patterns and making up some cute outfits. Cannot wait to share and get some styling tips.

  8. My very best wishes for you and your husband. I'll be thinking of you Monday.

  9. My thoughts & smiles...& mostly my heart...are with you :). Many blessings for good health, a rapid recovery, and laughs that don't hurt :)


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