What goes around comes around

The lovely owner of P's Thrifty Sewing Blog , p'diddley (Pauline) has passed on The Versatile Blogger award to me.  Wow, I am thrilled to receive it, and this is the second time.  Thank you so much!  My blog shows up with 14 other blogs, and I must confess that I feel a bit of a fraud in that assemblage.  As the kids say "There are some kick ass blogs on the list".  I spend lots of blog time on sewing, but I do try to share a bit of my other loves, my concerns, and my triumphs.  So, a post on the Minoru jacket may be followed by a treatise on tea.

Anyway, I read the instructions on Pauline's blog post and I need to link back to the blog who awarded itshare 7 things about me, and then pass this award to 15 (fifteen!) other versatile blogs.  When I first got this cool prize, I awarded it on to 4 other blogs.  But, I think I screwed up because those blogs don't show the Versatile Blog badge.  So, I am going to redo those blogs right now.  Ladies, you may follow the rules above but with one change-my original rules stated to pass the award on to some recently discovered blogs.  So, you don't have to do 15, unless you would like to!

Melynda at Country Girl Couture--->you're a winner
Sigrid at analog me--->you're a winner
Lynne at Sewing Cafe--->you're a winner
TiaDia of MezzoCouture--->you're a winner

Please excuse me while I visit each one of these blogs personally and make sure the award is delivered.  I'll be back soon.

Okay, I think I have that chore taken care of.  Now, the 7 things about me.  I could refer you to this original list in which I spill my guts about hitch-hiking, marriage, and drugs, or I could make a new list.  Readers, which should it be?

I am going to add a few details, but if you want the dirt on me, you'll have to go to Oct.16, 2011.
Random facts about Mary:
1. I wore braces as an adult.
2. I am afraid of bears. Well, actually, I love to look at bears, but am afraid of being mauled by them.
3. I could happily live on toast with peanut butter.

Here are the well deserved recipients of The Versatile Blogger Award:
Margy at A Fool For Fabric
shams at Communing With Fabric
pegsewer at Deconstruct, Alter and Create
Julia at Julia Bobbin
Dixie at With Needle and Brush
Jane at Lempo Bee
Lindsay at Lindsay Pindsay
Julia C. at The Diligent Dilettante
Aroura at Sew Creative
Andrea of Stitch Parade
Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn
JillyBe of JillyBeJoyful
Sharon of Sharon Sews
Theresa of Camp Runamuck
Solvi of delfinelise

Congratulations to everyone and remember to pass it on!  Thank you for being a part of my blogworld.


  1. Mary, this is well deserved as I find all your posts so interesting.

  2. Oh, thank you for passing this on Mary :)
    And I had to check out your original post for this award - meeting your husband as a hitchhiker, that is possibly the best 'how we met' story I've ever heard!

  3. Thank you very much for the award Mary! I have already received that one, so I won't try to think of any more things to write about myself, but I appreciate the thought and will mention you in my blog.

  4. Thank you for sharing some new-to-me sewing blogs..and congratulations Mary!


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