Saturday, February 4, 2012

Minoru progress and some other stuff

20F at night and 40s in the daytime-->I am wearing my heavy winter jackets for early morning dog walks so the fact that my Minoru is still undone does not concern me too much.  I love this pattern and am thrilled with the fit so far.  Here, feast your eyes:
The zipper needs to be attached, and the cuffs constructed and added to the sleeves.  Then the lining and the facings can be sewn in.
The gathers are really flattering, and results in a cool slouchy look.  

Here is a shot of the back where you can see how the waist gathers will be added.
Oh, I see one of my assistants is sleeping on the job!   Sneak a peek at the lining thrown over the arm of the couch in the corner of this picture.  
Collar down and a little skewed.  All will be well when the zipper and facings are in.  

Real life concerns have been dragging at both me and my DH, and we hope to have some issues resolved by next week.  We are off to the desert for a few weeks in the middle of February.  To console myself after dealing with some unresolveable family issues, I made myself a little Sorbetto to wear there.


  1. I started to comment on one of your book posts a while back, but had a technical problem, so I'll finally leave a comment here. Which is: love the jacket, love the color, looking forward to reading your final assessment on PatternReview. I've enjoyed reading (and been inspired by) your blog. I've just dipped my toe into the blogging ocean myself; come visit me at .

  2. Your jacket is really coming along great, so will not be too long before it's finished.

    Enjoy your trip to the desert, I hope it helps resolve your "real-life" concerns.

    Love the little Sorbetto top.

    Have fun - take a good read with you

  3. As I see more of these lovely Minoru jackets, I'm starting to seriously consider ditching the Green Pepper raincoat patter I was going to use...yours is looking SO good!

    Desert....ahhhh......sleeveless Sorbettos....mmmmmmmm......can I come visit you? ;-D

  4. Jacket is looking good! I agree, the gathers around the collar are a lovely feature. Sweet Sorbetto, too. I hope the desert trip is just what you need :)

  5. The jacket is looking amazing already. Love the colour! I do believe, the more I see of this jacket, that I do need one of these - definitely.
    Your top looks wonderful - a preview to warmer weather!

  6. Love the Sorbetto.. And the Minoru jacket.. You are do talented.
    Enjoy your time in AZ and I hope your unresolved family issues become less stressful..'

  7. Love the color of your jacket and it will be so flattering on you. Enjoy your recoup and recovery time. There is little that heat, sunshine, and warm night air can't cure. i do miss it so.

  8. The jacket is coming along very nicely! I really like that pattern.:)

  9. Wow! It looks completely amazing! You are right to be thrilled with it; I would be too! And I just adore that wonderful colour...
    I hope you enjoy your sojourn in the desert, and that the family issues sort themselves out (virtual hug)

  10. Your minoru looks lovely, such a gorgeous colour, it is tempting me to make one though I know I don't have time to do so! Sitting here in a cold and snowy UK, the desert sounds very appealing. Hope you do get some resolution with family issues. x

  11. Love the jacket, it looks so cool! I haven't made a Sorbetto yet but gosh, with all the beautiful versions I've seen and now yours, I'm going to have to put it on the list of must have's for summer. Have a great trip and I do hope all your issues resolve well
    so you can both unwind and just enjoy.

  12. Oooh, coming along very nicely! This color is perfect for you.

  13. That just looks absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished project.
    Also love the sorbetto. I downloaded the pattern recently, and am considering making it either next, or next after that. LOVE your fabric choice, good colors for you.

  14. I love the Sorbetto. The jacket will look nice with it! Have a nice time in the desert!

  15. You are definitely far ahead with your jacket. The Sobetto is lovely.


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