Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I'm wearing and what I'm doing

Today is a stay at home day for me.  Yesterday a friend and I took our horses out for a very chilly and muddy trail ride.  All four of us had a wonderful time and I am now enjoying being indoors while warm, cozy and clean.

This picture is NOT from yesterday.  Woody and I stayed out of creeks and did not fall into bogs, as seen in this sad photo.  It was an uneventful ride with no deer, no spooks, no dogs and no accidents.  Amazing for where and how I usually ride.

Today I thought I'd give you a peek at what I'm sewing and what I'm wearing.
Vogue 8634 in mauve (which my DH thinks is PeptoBismol pink), Boden skinny pants in navy (thanks for the coupon Lakaribane!) and some Clarks clogs bought many years ago in Ashland, OR.  My hair is pretty trashed today and full of product in an attempt to make it do something without washing it.

I have 2 projects which I am working on.  First is the Minoru Jacket   by Sewaholic Patterns. I am going to make this up in a rust colored corduroy and line it with an animal print.  I will leave the hood off, as I don't live in a rainy area.  Tasia is doing a sewalong for this pattern and I hope to participate for as long as I can, given that I may be traveling.  I'll post more later on.

Here is today's project:
I really need tops to go with jeans and skinny pants. I picked up a number of blousey tunic patterns and starting on B5527 today.  It should be a quick sew, except for the continuous lap.  We'll see.

Here is a closeup of the pattern and fabric:
The fabric is a stretch knit with a slight flocking on the leaves.  It is so pretty and one of those fabrics that I wish I had more of.
One of the posts I have bouncing around is concerning organizing
sewing and craft supplies.  When I started thinking about it, I really was only concerned with my little space.  But I know many of you do not have a designated space to sew or create.   I'd like to share some of the ways I organize in a very small space.  Here is a preview-the photos above show our second bedroom which I have converted into a sewing space.  It is small, usually tidy, and everything I need is here.  It also acts as my room in which I store ALL of my clothes, accessories, jewelry, craft/sewing books.  I'll show how I do this and discuss some of the tradeoffs and adjustments I have made.

I hope you are having a good Sunday.  I'm going back upstairs to do some sewing and will enjoy hearing what you are doing today.


  1. That is *not* pepto-bismal pink! It's far too mauve. ;) Wow, you are looking so elegant, even your hair, which looks great. When I sew, I don't look anywhere near so elegant, especially when I'm sewing half clothed! :)

    I haven't known you for a long time, in blogland, but, now that you have retired, are you getting *hotter*?

  2. What is it with husbands? When I wear mauve mine refers to it as cocoa-pepto!? I love your sewing space- lots of elbow and dachshund room!

  3. With the work my husband and I do, we have "discussions" about color, over the years we have learned we "see" it very differently and yet I still find myself trying to convince him to see it my way....just crazy.

    Your sewing space looks like a peaceful haven to create in. I can't wait to learn your secrets for small space organizing.

  4. ........and you have a dress form! Wow!

  5. Thanks so much for the honour of putting me on your Pinterest!! Such a surprise!
    Oh, I so wish I had a designated sewing space. At the moment it's basically my desk with a sewing machine plonked on it and the overlocker next to that. But I am househunting and can't wait to use an entire bedroom just for MY SEWING and CRAFT STUFF where I can leave it and not have to clean up until I have finished something instead of having to pack up every five minutes!! And thanks for reminding me about Tasia's blog, it has been ages since I visited seeing as I can't comment on blogs at work and didn't get much time to look at them at home last year. I'm going to visit her now.
    Also, those jackets in the last post look so stylish, well done!

  6. Your top looks wonderful!
    I look forward to your organizing tips. Though we each have very unique situations for stashing our things, seeing how someone else does it in their space does, at times, spark an idea of a better way of handling certain "problem areas".

  7. Another attic sewing room! But yours has space and light - I love it! I really like hearing snippets about your rides too; the love you share with Woody is tangible :)

  8. @Shams...why yes, yes I am. :-)

  9. Your sewing space is just amazing, and I also look forward to your organizing tips. I love staying organized, it makes sewing much more fun.
    And I love the color of that top! Men say the darndest things. :)


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