Monday, January 2, 2012

I said I would and so I will

 McCall's 6444 View C  Pattern Review is here.

This is a fun vest and I am happy with it.  But the pattern instructions are not great, and I would advise a new sewer to use tutorials for both narrow hems and mitered corners.

I bought this knit from Mood and when it arrived I was so disappointed in the color.  I thought it was the exact color of dirt with no humus in it.  I soldiered on though because I was raised by a Marine, and to admit defeat is just not an option.  That is partially tongue in cheek but oh, rather true too.    I knew it would be voluminous and thought the pockets would get lost so I added flaps.  I was going to silk screen this but I rather like it plain.  The vest has grown on me and I think it will be worn a lot in the spring when it is above 35F.
This jacket is from the new Simplicity line SewSimple.  It is not.
Raglan sleeves, cuffs, collar and tie, pockets, odd shaped facings.  The only thing that makes this simple is the price, and it is unlined.  Wouldn't it be great in a boiled wool?   If you are interested in the review, it is here.  Simplicity 2024
Look at the closure-isn't that cute?  

New Look 6648

 Working on my Clovers.  This is muslin #1 straight out of the envelope.  The back view is ...ahem...interesting.  I am now on muslin #3 and using fashion fabric.  I think they will be wearable, and I know I will make up another pair with the next alteration.  I don't usually get technical anyone interested in Clover fitting?  I'll outline my process if so.

Finally, on the right is NL6648.  I have made this top 3 times since 2008, the year I began sewing seriously.  I really like this top, and it was fun to repeat a pattern I tried as a newbie.

Other news: I have a killer ingrown toenail!  Everything was fine until about 8pm last night and BAM! immediate and excruciating pain.  I find it laughable that this is driving me nuts-I am the same woman who walked partway out of the Prineville wilderness with a broken leg and collapsed lung.

More fashion and sewing news to come.  And a post on organizing your pattern stash.  Also  some great recipes, a discussion of music and marriage and perhaps some details about my work with recovery programs.


  1. Wow, what a lot to write about. I love the vest and the jacket. I find neutral garments terribly dull to sew, but they usually end up being wardrobe workhorses. That jacket scarf/tie thing is gorgeous
    Good luck with the Clover fitting. They look like a nice design.

  2. Nice job on the clover's. I tried the pattern and have to say, while awfully cute on many people, it just didn't work for me. I have the jacket pattern coming although I went with 2504, which has some other jackets as well.
    My sympathies on the ingrown toe. OUCH! They are like toothaches, no relief from them.
    The vest is wonderful and good for you on using the fabric even tho. the color might not have been what you expected. It looks great ..:)

  3. I love the way they designed the closure on that jacket. I'll bet you could knock it out of the park in boiled wool!
    Hope you get relief from your toe soon. Funny how it can be something so small to sideline us. Take care!

  4. I love all of your new sewing esp the McCalls vest . Perhaps you could try soaking your toe in very hot salty water - trying to put small pieces of silver foil under the nail sometimes helps to stop it cutting into your flesh.

  5. Hooray for your sewing projects hut boo on that toe. I just bought a vest like than because it will be so versatile. And your jacket is certainly inspiring me!

  6. Looks like you've been busy, I like the color of the drapy vest, it would go with just about anything.

  7. I really like the vest. The color can work with so many other colors too. I think I'd be wearing that a lot. Nice job with the jacket, pants, and knit top too. Hope that toe is feeling better soon. Ouch!

  8. You have been busy! Love the bright color on that jacket and the cute tie collar. The vest is a lot of fun, too--it will go with a lot. I still haven't made pants but love reading about pants fitting...

  9. I like the vest, love the jacket. I like the clovers, but have not made any yet, due to it being too darn cold! I have an ingrown toenail too-funny how it is more annoying than the chronic pain from MS
    I hope your toe feels better soon- Happy New Year!

  10. Talk about "soldiering on!" Sewing dirt colored fabric, tricky closures, pants fitting AND an ingrown toenail! You are tenacity itself. I love how all your sewing looks, the last top is particularly nice!

  11. Ooo, that is a lot of wonderful sewing - I am particularly liking the vest, it really looks like a versatile garment! Hope your toe is better! :-)

  12. I love your jacket - I wanted something like this last winter (tried to self-draft something but it was a big failure). Your vest also looks super useful.

    I am interested in pants fitting. I haven't tried the Clover pants but have just muslined some very loose pants that need some coorective fitting.

  13. I love the fleece jacket, I was actually considering buying that pattern, good to know its not that simple. Maybe I'll wait.

  14. I love the vest! My daughter is crazy about that color and I think it is very chic. I just made a Sew simple pattern too and I like them a lot. Good luck with your Clovers, they are looking good! I may tackle some pants this week too.

  15. Hi Mary! Just found your blog, and I love some of the interesting pieces you are making. I just got a clover pattern myself and can't wait to get started on them! have a happy weekend!


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