Saturday, December 17, 2011

Casual Fridays. and Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays...

I have been adding to my hang around, camping, hiking and traveling wardrobe.   There is something so satisfying about making clothes which are sturdy, warm, comfortable and don't require Spanx.  Oh, wait, I have never worn Spanx.  I probably should but hell, I'm entitled to a little jiggle.

downtown Ajo 
Anyway, back to the casual clothing.  My life is not based around 4 star restaurants or evenings at the symphony.  We do go out to eat, usually to Casey's Diner for the rancher's breakfast special and we have attended the symphony more than once.  In fact, one time we were in Ajo, Arizona (do you know where that is?) and we saw a flyer for the Tucson Symphony. Wow!  Camping in the middle of the desert and coming into town to see a performance by a world class symphony...priceless.

I have made a number of really nice pieces lately, and I want to showcase some of them for you.  They have allowed me to wear what I normally do, but up the style quotient a little bit.

First up is Vogue 8704, a really cute and easy hat pattern which calls for fleece.  JillyBe has shared some recent research into environmental problems with fleece-let's just forget about that for the time being! JillyBe and I both LOVE fleece.  I don't think either of us want to quit.  Is there a 12 step program?
Here are some pics of my new winter hats--->hats 2011

Also in my closet are 3 renditions of this great casual pattern: McCall's 6244  Disregard the tween model and use your imagination on how to layer each of these pieces.  I have made three long vests, and two long sleeve tees.   I used cotton poly knit for some, and a lycra for one of the vests.  The lycra vest, in a pale blue, is a nightshirt.  layering tees  Click to see some shots of the cotton tees layered together.

Finally, I have a vest waiting to be photographed, and a fleece jacket in progress.  Here are those patterns, both of which I highly recommend!
McCalls 6444
Simplicity 2024

I hope your sewing, crafting, artwork and daily life are going well.  I'm off to check on old Woodrow, who is a little gimpy in the cold weather right now.


  1. The fleece hats are so stylish and must be toasty warm. I really like the layering t-shirts, especially with the asymmetrical hem. Looking forward to seeing the vest and jacket too. Merry Christmas!

  2. You too have a casual wardrobe you really live in versus the sophisticated exciting lifestyle you sew for? maybe there is a 12 step program for that too.

  3. Love the looks, especially the hats!

  4. Woodrow is a real beauty! :o)

    Annette (I never can remember my sign-in stuff, so I just make everything ANONYMOUS.)

  5. Woodrow's not a Tennessee Walker by any chance, is he? (I used to have a HALF Tennessee Walker, and love the five gaits ... plus they're long-lived, and Woodrow is 22.) :o)

    Anonymous again (Annette)!

  6. Hope the warmer days are agreeing with very handsome Woodrow a bit more. I know some of the nights here have been quite chilly in the mid teens. Love the hats and the Sew Simple jacket is a wonderful looking pattern. Is it a fleece only pattern? I'll go back and check.

  7. I agree that your horse stole your show here, what a gorgeous animal! But I admit I never would have glanced twice at that layered Tee pattern, but I love your versions of it! Totally casual but fun. Love the fleece hat too. I didn't know Jilly had posted anything about fleece and the environment, I must have missed it. Almost everything humans do seems to be bad for the environment. :( I just got hooked on sewing fleece in the last month or so, now I'll have to go look up why it is bad! lol

  8. You did a very nice job with the hat. The color is great and it looks so pretty on you.

  9. I love your layered Tshirts, and especially the asymmetrical hem. Gorgeous colours too!

  10. It would take a LOT for me to wear fleece, but those charming pics of you in a nearly 1920s cloche-style hat nearly have me convinced...

  11. LoL @ entitled to a lil jiggle. I so hate spanx or any body-sucking contraption and deal with all the jiggling…lol.
    Cute hats, I love crocheting/knitting or sewing hats, but this year I have been procrastinating.
    The tee looks great on you and like the asymmetrical hemline. Looking forward to your version of S2024, I have that pattern and would love to sew up some of the fleece I have in my stash.

  12. Oh well, i am in the Spanx wearing camp since baby number 4. I just love the comforting feeling of tight lycra on my middle. Makes me stand up straighter! If i can ever get out of my sweats,my old farmhouse has no heat. Cute hats and Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Mary, in answer to your question on my husband's shirt; I sewed the sleeve in flat, and then flat-felled the seam allowance. Followed by the sleeve and side seam in one, which was then flat-felled itself after...
    I am planning a little tutorial on flat-felling a curved seam allowance soon, if you are interested.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Woodrow is beautiful. I grew up with horses, but live in the city without them now, and sorely miss them. They are such wonderful friends. My last one was Echo Bay, a Thoroughbred Arabian cross that was spirited and a LOT of fun. He was dressage trained, but I didn't have the riding skills to make the most of him. My DD2 has decided riding is "boring", so the only time we get to see them is at the Royal Winter Fair every November. I'm riding vicariously through you, Mary!


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