Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where the heck have I been?

Hi readers!  I have been thinking of you...could you tell?  I am in the midst of a creative storm recently and just could NOT find the proper mindset to share with you.  I have made a number of tops and tunics, I have a vest on my work table right now and have pants and a casual jacket lined up in the wings.  The first project was one very dear to me-the Waterfall tunic and you can read about it   here for the background.  I finished this tunic and after some days reflection, I can say I learned an incredible amount about 1)drafting and draping 2)technical sewing  & 3)myself.  I like the tunic (from the front) and will wear it this year but I need to consolidate what I have learned by making another draft of this. Waterfall review

Sorbetto by Colette Patterns
After extending so far on the above project, I happily made up some cowl tops and a floral,  flannel Sorbetto.                                        
Vogue 8597-this *is* my happy face
Vogue 8634-this really is my happy face
 I am also working on a vest using McCalls 6444 in a very faint dusty rose color.  It looks like, um, dirt.  I'm hoping to finish up construction tonight and then decide on a surface embellishment.  I am leaning toward cording, IF I can find a foot in town.  If not, I may screen print the vest.

Project plan
Vogue 8688 View A"sweatshirt" in turquoise
Clover pants either grey knit or tweed wool
Simplicity 2024 jacket in deep blue fleece

Besides sewing, I have been cooking.  My husband missed home cooking while he was in Mexico-our hosts were not the greatest cooks.  So, I have been making lots of old favorites and some new dishes too.  Here is a recipe for what has to be the BEST meal I have ever served--->
The Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie

Until later, Mary
ps: Have you been feeding the koi?


  1. Mary.. I love the pink top and the blue hoodie vest
    You do beautiful work.. And I especially love your very happy face :) Were home re grouping before we leave again..I have TONS of stuff going on.. and have done absolutely No reading..:( Christmas gifts are taking my creativity time... which is good.. Take care ill be following you here....

  2. Somehow I missed the review of your waterfall - I commented on PR, but I have to say it again - you look STUNNING in that outfit! I hope you try the top again, with the necessary tweaks, because I really think it holds a lot of promise!

    Actually, everything you've posted above looks great! I love the turquoise hoodie/vest - I look forward to seeing that, & may need to add it to my repertoire...I'm sort of on a vest binge these days....

    Thanks for reminder...I just fed the little guys again....

  3. I love the cowl top on you - casual elegance :)

  4. Your waterfall top turned out great - your outfit/look is awesome (so jealous here :)

    Your acomplishments have certainly put me to shame! I've been reading instead of crafting for the past two weeks. Now that I see your creativity, it's time to dust of my sewing machine.

    Love the koi...they're fun!

  5. You've had a wonderfully fertile time. You are looking great!

  6. Wow, send some of that creativity my way! The waterfall top really is special, and I love how you styled it with skinny pants and boots.

  7. What a amazing array of projects! You look wonderful in all your creations.

  8. I adore that waterfall, I really do, and I bet it'll grow on you. The cowl neck just looks so great!
    I've been cooking a lot lately, too. Thanks for the recipe links!

  9. You have been sewing up a storm!!! The waterfall tunic is gorgeous--so creative and looks like a fun piece to wear.

  10. You have been busy and creative; I really like the new things! And thank you for that link to the recipe; sounds like a wonderful winter warmer!

  11. Mary,
    I just found your blog via PR and it's wonderful! I'm not too far from you, up in the Greensprings outside of Ashland, sew, weave, have JRT's and 3 horses. And yes, I fed the koi!

  12. Wow! you´ve been so productive! So many nice pieces!

  13. Well, you have been busy! So glad the tunic worked out. I think the vest with a hood will be fun to wear too. Must try the ultimate chicken pot pie recipe. I just made parmesan puffs (new recipe) to take to a Christmas party tonight. I think I like them :)

  14. Wow!! You look so cool in that first outfit! It looks like a fashion shoot with your hair all blown to the side and everything... five stars!

  15. You have been sewing up a storm! You look super cool in that first outfit. I love th floral Sorbetto top and the draped vest too.i hope you can post some of these at Sew& Tell Saturday! The chicken pot pie sounds so good too! My mom is staying here and has been cooking yummy comfort food. My waistline is expanding thinking about it.

  16. I really like the pink cowl top, it really looks good. A flannel sorbetto top, what a great idea, never thought of it this summer when I was making pj's, it would have been a great top for summer pj's.


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