Friday, November 4, 2011

What I'm wearing

"The weather outside is frightful..."

First snow yesterday and it is 33F right now.  It's time to layer up, and I am wearing charcoal knit pants from Spiegel, black knit tank (V8559), wrap top V8390, scarf from my wonderful friend Beth, and V7976 flip collar jacket.  Danskos, socks, gloves complete the off to recycle Diet Coke cans :-)

As you can see, my hair is flat and straight from the hair mask.  I'll let it alone for a few days before washing it again, and wear hats in the meantime.  I feel girly after taking the time to do some beauty routines, and plan to add this to my personal calendar.  The foot scrub is very good, and while not all the dry skin is gone, my feet look a bit better.   Enough about me-what about you?

Your comments suggest that many of my readers don't follow a beauty or self care routine.  Only one reader had specific suggestions-Sheila of sheilazcrochetz said:
"I deep condition my hair by clarifying my deep conditioner: 4 tablespoons of the deep conditioner, 2 tablespoons of Jojoba oil & 1 teaspoon of essential oil... perferrably peppermint oil

After shaving, I make sugar scrub to exfoliate: 4oz jar, fill with turbinado sugar or regular sugar, essential oil & carrier oils (sometimes I use EVOO), mix well and presto.

I no longer buy body lotion, and make massage oil instead or I make body butter.

I designate a 2-3 hours on the weekend for me time."

The rest of us are flying by the seat of our pants:  Shannon gets highlights a few times a year, Trena was reminded to get her eyelashes dyed (great idea!!) and Sigrid has her husband cut her hair.  Let's all take some time this weekend to soak in the tub, paint our nails and eat bon bons.


  1. You look FAB-U-LOUS! Really great!

    Yeah, I get my hair cut/colored approx once a month, maybe a bit more. I go to the beauty college to keep it cheap. I use a Clarisonic to clean my face. And I walk. A lot. I also drink kale smoothies most days. That's about it!

  2. You look fantastic Mary! The weather certainly is cold there, but you look perfectly suited for the day. I'm going to take your suggestion to heart. I was shocked to see my schedule for tomorrow. Two soccer games, both followed by an end-of-the-season potluck, with a one hour drive time between the two. Thankfully, my DH will take the 1215 soccer game in the middle. Then we will celebrate my youngest DS' 8th birthday in the evening. Yes, your suggestion is just what I will need to recover on Sunday ;)

  3. You always look gorgeous, Mary, and this picture is no exception!! I've always love your silver hair, and hope mine goes like that too...
    Your self-care suggestion is a good one... I do my own pedicure every Sunday morning, and this time of year I like to choose a funky nail varnish. I have my hair done once every two months and it is my favourite self-indulgence. I figure that one's hair is a pretty important 'accessory"; one that you wear every day, so is worth keeping in good shape. I would be completely horrified if I had a colour mis-hap as you did... I hope your hair returns to its usual good health soon!

  4. Our weather has turned quite chilly as well, but no snow yet...thank goodness. I don't care for winter so it this time of year I tend to get cranky.

    Since turning 50 I have been painting my nails weekly, something I have never done before. In wild dark colors and even some glitter now and then. They do cheer me up. As for the rest of my "beauty"'s hit and miss. My mother reports though that one should be prepared to spend more time and money in this category as you get start a saving!

  5. You look great & so cold weather ready Chic'. Thanks for the highlight. One thing I fail to do is exercise, I have been so negligent over the last few months and need to climb back on the exercise wagon.

  6. You look chic and cozy for all the snow and cold temps, which I'll probably be whining... I mean waiting for while I whine... until the middle of January. I grew up a prairie girl, and end of October usually meant snow. I now live at the southernmost tip of Ontario and am punished for 4 months every spring/fall with nothing but shades of grey to look at. It's horribly depressing. Regarding your "me" time... it's hard to fit in extra things, but learned from a very early age the value of proper skin care, and so have religiously followed a routine since puberty. The products have varied over the years, but my face is the first thing people see, and so I like to put the effort in and think that I'm taking care of it properly.

  7. Sorry to post again, but my security password for posting the previous comment was "potionsh"!!! I couldn't resist sharing it with y'all! LOL


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