Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Round up

Let's do a little bit of web walking and see if there are any products you would like to try.  These were all mentioned in the comments as we discussed self care, cosmetics and money.  I need to add--->NAYY
Bronner's soaps
nutiva coconut oil
Maybelline mascara
Rimmel mascara
Revlon Age Defying foundation
Eminence cleansers
lauren hutton makeup
Aveeno cleansers
L'Oreal mineral powder foundation
Physician's Formula concealer
Burt's Bees chapstick
Homemade soaps and moisturizers
Lancome cosmetics
Mineral makeup
Mineral makeup 2
Tikei cosmetics
Suki cleansers
Paula's Choice

I think it is interesting how many of us use products from smaller companies or lesser known companies.  I also see that we are interested in a more natural approach to skin care, and want our lotions and potions to be as simple as possible.  I recommend Paula's Choice as a website to investigate other companies and products. She analyzes and reports on the efficacy of popular brands and will recommend competing brands if they merit it.  She produces her own line of skin care and cosmetics but is fair in her analysis of competing companies.  I use her AHA lotion and some lipsticks.  Again, NAYY

Finally, I forgot to include Dove as one of my elements of skin care and shampoo.  These products work well for me, and while this is a large conglomerate, I love their beauty campaign.  Have you seen some of the Real Beauty ads?

Take care of yourselves and know that I am grateful for your readership and cyber friendship.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Mary! May we all be able to still fit into our creations after Thursday!

  2. Hi Mary,

    I received Marcelle Essentials Anti-wrinkle cream from my daughter for a birthday gift and like it a lot. It's a Canadian product, so not sure if it's available in the U.S. It is not oily and heavy, which is a plus for me, and can be used day or night. I doubt it'll get rid of the wrinkles, but it's a nice moisturizer.

    Thanks for your suggestions for natural products.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  3. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you for the list of products, and the recommendation of Paula's Choice webpage, I had never heard of it before. I am also a big Dove fan, and love their Real Beauty ads.
    I do not use many beauty products as far as make-up goes, but I am really into bath products (besides shampoo and soap, I love mineral soaks and lotions). My favorite soap is Reviva Seaweed soap, but lately I have just been using Oil of Olay for facial lotion, and Vasaline intensive care for hand lotion (sales...). I will check out some of the other suggestions, thanks! And Happy thanksgiving to you, too. :)

  5. Thank you for that list of products, and I wish you an enjoyable thanksgiving day with your family :)
    In answer to your question; "leavers" are children who have just finished their final exams, in their last year of school. So they are "leaving" secondary school. Here in Australia, the final exams are held quite early, during November, so the yr 12's have all finished by the end of November, as opposed to younger school children who don't finish their school year until mid December. In the last few years (say ten, or so? it wasn't around when I finished school!) it has become customary for the leavers to go off together for a few days to party. A lot of people here are terrified about the possible shenanigans, but my experience is that 99.9% of them are quite innocent, sweet and well behaved... it's only the naughty few who give the rest a bad name.

  6. Hoping your Thanksgiving was a good one. I am still thinking about all the food I ate.

    My favorite facial cleanser is L'Oreal Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser and recently switched from foundation make-up to mineral make-up. I've been on the hunt for Burt Bee's Pore Refining Mask, but it appears its only on-line.


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