Sunday, November 6, 2011

Drugstore makeup and retirement

Oh yeah, they go together like a horse and carriage.  Or maybe peanut butter and jelly, which is the income level I am in now.  I was talking with a friend at the barn yesterday and she asked me if I was enjoying retirement.  There are no words to tell how much happier I am in retirement.  I said it was the best career decision I have made recently.  I am happier, more interested in my hobbies, more relaxed, and much healthier.

Did I mention poorer?

It's okay though, for when I reflect on my retirement income, and realize I receive it for doing exactly what I want to!  In order to do this, I have had to make some modifications in my style.  I used to buy Estee Lauder skin care and cosmetics.  I would stock up each year on all the new colors, and sometimes just buy stuff to get the free "gift".  Estee Lauder Resilience Lift now sells for $75.00, Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator goes for $58.00-85.00 and lipstick is $23.00 a tube.   Oh, I was living large!

I now use drugstore makeup and cleanser, though I'll occasionally fall off the wagon and buy some small amount of Estee Lauder skincare.  I use Cetaphil cleanser, Paula's Choice AHA, Olay moisturizer, L'Oreal True Match foundation in natural buff, charcoal grey eyebrow pencil from whoever is selling it, eyeliner in a variety of colors and Maybelline blush in deep mauve.  Today's lipstick is Estee's  Fiery Rose.  One of the benefits of using such cheap stuff is that I can change it out if I don't like it, or my skin color changes.  For example, my skin is much lighter now than in the summer and I have lightened my foundation, and switched my blush and lipstick from coral/pink to mauve/pink.  I like winter makeup as it is usually brighter and more fun.

Today I am going to breakfast with a friend and then coming back home to move some furniture to the consignment store (Periwinkle Home).  I am wearing Levi 512s, an Old Navy tee which is far too big (I made a brown tee last month and have not yet worn it), freshwater pearls (inherited from my stepmom), brown and blue scarf from Guanajuato, and a self made hat.  Brown gloves and a sage green parka complete my winter outfit for today..oh, and snowboots!

Overall, I am feeling better about myself after committing more time to self care and dressing more carefully.  It is easy to "let yourself go" in my little rural town, and this outfit is dressed up when compared to many residents.  I resolve to always stand out in this town and that's no bull!

Any makeup tricks or tips out there?  What are your fave drugstore buys?


  1. I've heard many people say they were busier after retirement than before. I hope you find a good balance!

    My cleanser is Bronner's liquid soap, and my moisturizer is Nutiva Cocnut Oil.

  2. Maybelline mascara! The one in the pink and green (??) pack. Oh & that Estee Lauder lippie would be $40 to $50 here. :)

  3. I only just STARTED using makeup regularly a few years ago (I was such a good li'l 'au naturale' hippie girl way back when.....& it sort of stuck....)

    Now this outdoorsy sun-loving face needs all the help it can get!

    I do spend my skin care bucks on good, living, all natural lotions & cleansers (mostly Eminence, which ain't cheap), but makeup comes from the drugstore. Revlon Age Defying foundation (made for skin that's *koffkoff* my age), & mascara (usually Maybelline) & I'm still a little lost about lipstick I'm comfy with.

    But I do use & recommend Lauren Hutton's makeup - the disc with pretty much all of the basics (blush, shadow, touchup, brow) & her brushes, which are FABulous! This is another product that's designed for 'older' skin - you don't get tons of different colors of eye shadow, which may not work for everyone, but I'm pretty low maintenance, so it's perfect for me.

  4. You look absolutely wonderful! You prove that even casual can be done with great style.

  5. This kind of made me laugh, because I've always gotten my makeup from the drugstore! My look is generally very natural, and I pretty much only wear eye makeup on the rare occasions when I feel like making more of an effort. (Plus, you know, I'm a starving musician who would rather spend money on new albums and fabric. ;)

    I actually did try some more expensive cleansers one time that were specially formulated for rosacea, which I have a mild ongoing case of. After awhile, it started burning my face. Now I use Aveeno for all of my facial cleansers/moisturizers, and it works great for me. I also use the L'Oreal Naturale mineral powder foundation, since mineral makeup is generally recommended for being more gentle on the face. (Plus it's foundation and powder in one, which suits my lazy makeup personality.) Aside from that, I also like the Physician's Formula concealer, and I go through a lot of Burt's Bees chapstick-- chapstick is the only thing I can wear on my lips when I'm playing my flute, either for my own practicing or for teaching. And the Burt's Bees seems to work the best for me, after much experimentation.

  6. You look gorgeous! I'm glad that looking out for yourself is lifting your spirits, just proves that how good you feel on the inside sure mirrors how you look on the outside too!

  7. Oh Can I relate.. and You are looking good, Girl.
    I am using moisturizers and soaps that are organically made by "home made crafters", who have also gone back to the basics. All natural products and eating more organic grown foods. Going to be Learning how to do a lot of these "old crafts" myself..
    Making Life Simple here too.. on a retirement funds I love it.

  8. That is such a great photo of you! I so hope my hair will have the same luminous look as yours in ten years time. I wear next to no make up and my beauty routine consists of daily toner and moisturizer application. I buy Lancôme products but they are quite expensive so I’m looking for a more affordable alternative - this post and the comments above are definitely helpful!

  9. I wonder how many people, when looking at you, can truly tell the difference between drugstore and Estee Lauder? I'm somewhat of a minimalist, but have been enjoying makeup from the All Natural Face.

    My favorite drugstore purchase? When I was in college I used to buy a box of "Thick mints" (like peppermint patties). The box was $1; good for my waitress budget! Not so good for my teeth, though (:

  10. You look gorgeous! I love that style on you. I am kind of a skin care and make up nerd, and I buy all my goodies off the internet as it is much MUCH cheaper here. I love all the organic products that´s been popping up, and mineral makeup (from indie lables) are my best make up advice, as it´s much better for the skin, and looks much better on as well. I use a Swedish label called Tikei (as I live in Sweden), but I´ve heard some nice things about as well.

  11. The thing is checking the ingredients, the active ones and their position - a luxury brand goes for... well, branding, and that's what inflates the price.

    The drugstore options have the same ingredients, in the same order (some even better) for a fraction of the price!

  12. I think you look great - you look healthy and happy and that's so much better than Hollywood pretty. I'm afraid in these times you don't have to be retired to buy at the drugstore - even full-timers have to make cut-backs and, for us women, it's usually on ourselves! Soldier on.......

  13. I agree, you are glowing and gorgeous! I've splurged on Chanel lipstick for my wedding, but have always mixed high/low. Bare Minerals to even out my skin tone, but my fav mascara is found at Target - Rimmel (max bold curves or something like that). This is kind of cracking me up, though. My skin is really sensitive, and gets both dry and pimples (what? I am NOT 13!), and I've had great luck with a cleanser from a small company called Suki (available at Whole Foods). But during a recent stay at my in-laws, I spotted some Noxema and used it for nostalgic reasons. I have to say, my skin felt great! The Suki is running low, and a little pricey, so this weekend I tried a honey mask followed by an evoo cleanse. Raiding the pantry, but I must say, so far so good :)


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