Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel-recommendations and cautions

Guanajuato-the view from my husband's house 
Good morning readers!  (insert Tim Gunn voice)  I have been lax in keeping you informed of my exciting daily life here in the dry side of Oregon.  You may know that I am getting ready to travel to Mexico, and that my husband is already there.

I am very excited about traveling south, and it has been hard to focus on projects here.  But, I'm responsible, so I have:
1. cleaned out the iris bed in the front yard
2. trimmed the chocolate fennel so it doesn't take over the corner garden
3. cleaned the house, done laundry, cared for container plants, shopped and cooked for healthy meals
4. ripped out as much periwinkle as possible (which does just embolden the plant to spread further)
5. read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
6. took my old horse out on the trail for a quiet, fun ride
7. fed dogs, watered dogs, played with dogs, hugged and petted dogs, and cleaned up after dogs
8. met with girlfriends for drinks (Diet Coke for me) and long talks
9. sewed a number of tees and tunics for my trip, and then decided to take only one of each
Guanajuato street scene
I have traveled internationally a few times before, but with the awful cartel crime in Mexico, I have been slightly anxious.  I wasn't sure about lodging at the house where my husband is, and we decided to reserve a hotel room.  This we did on  It is festival time, and there were only rooms at a luxe hotel quite a ways from town named Hotel Mision Comanjilla.  In the meantime, my husband's landlady Blanca, said I could stay there.  Wonderful!  Closer!  Cheaper!  Sleep with my husband!  :-)

Did you know that it is extremely hard to cancel a reservation from  That you must be somewhat computer savvy, patient, and unflinching in your goal? We tried to call the hotel from both Mexico and the progress.  We tried to cancel via progress.  It did not help that Ross had a rented phone and the phone system is not easy in Mexico.  He called me and asked that I try from the US.  I did get through to a real person on Priceline, and was able to ask that the reservations be cancelled.  This took many menus and at least 30 minutes on the phone.  I will NOT use Priceline again.  

I found the hotel chain's web page and contacted them.  I cannot tell you how helpful they were, and how gracious.  Not only did Mr. Sacal take care of the problem, he did so in an open and hospitable way.  I highly recommend this chain when booking stays in Mexico.  Thank you Sergio!
Sergio Sacal
Director de Mercadotecnia
Hoteles Misión
Praga #60 Col. Juarez DF
"El arte de la Hospitalidad"

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  1. Sounds like you are getting ready for a wonderful adventure. Did you enjoy "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle"? I just read it last month and really liked it. It also made me want to get a dog :) ¡Que te diviertas mucho en México!


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