Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self Stitched September '11

It's that time of year again...when sewing bloggers around the world wear one self stitched piece of clothing every day.  Or, in the case of some-every article of clothing is self stitched.  Wow!  Plus, this effort is documented daily so we get to peek into closets and bedrooms and offices and studios each day to see just what is being worn.

I have participated before and this year, I am joining up again.  I'm excited because I really don't need to sew anything to make this happen.  Most of my clothing is self made, some is upcycled, and some pieces are RTW.  I want to make a record of how I am putting these elements together and perhaps learn some new ways to mix up my options.  I don't plan to record all my outfits here, and probably not in the flickr pool either.  This challenge is more for me.  I do tend to keep a bit too casual, as I spend most of my time with animals!  I am typing this post while wearing a pair of self made wool/linen striped taupe pants (circa 2008) topped by a faded red cotton tee (Goodwill).  Silver flip flops complete my outfit and I am happy with the whole look.  Comfortable, casual and made mostly by me.

Here is what I wore to meet a friend for lunch-I clean up pretty good!
This skirt is from a vintage pattern (M7857 circa 1982) and I love it.  I love the fabric, which is cotton lawn, and the pockets, which are voluminous.  The pockets actually reach around to the back of the skirt.  They are placed on the side seam, and angle somewhat upwards toward the back.  Very cute pockets!!  The skirt has a front pleat, soft gathers, and some gathers in the back.  I removed as much as I could while still retaining the village skirt look.  I'm fit, but have never been thin  :-) , so I don't need a lot of fluffy goin' on around my hips.
The review of the skirt can be found on PR at this addy: Mexico skirt review

Which brings me to my last comment-this blog is not just about sewing, but also about living a full life.  My DH is going to Mexico for a month or so and I'll visit him in October.  Exciting, a little scary, and very fun. I'll keep you posted.    



  1. I look forward to all your self-stitched combinations. I find it very inspirational to see how others put together their outfits for daily living.

  2. I've never heard of this event, but I really look forward to seeing all of your creations put to daily wear. Do you wear at least one self-stitched item every day for the entire month? I would join in (I actually wore my picnic shirt today), but I don't own enough self made clothing yet to wear a piece for 2 weeks let alone a whole month!
    Best wishes for your DH on his trip to Mexico!

  3. Your outfit looks so fresh. I adore the fabric in the skirt. Yes, do keep us posted on you and your DH's adventures!

  4. Yes, I do love that skirt... I can see it fitting very nicely in my wardrobe ;) Mexico sounds very exciting!

  5. That is a lovely outfit. I fancy your skirt.

  6. Well done! You nailed the fullness. "Fresh" sums it up nicely.

    You have a new follower as we have much in common. I love to sew, love to ride(although I have had to give it up), teach sewing occasionally, have a husband who is a sculptor and even try my hand at gardening now and then.


  7. Really cute... I like it.
    Thanks for the lily glen Info too..
    We went to the Wickiup Reservoir off Hyw 42
    Going back for more pleasure!

  8. Perfect for a girls' lunch! You look cool and crisp. Mexico sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have plans for when you have the house all to yourself while he's gone?


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