Saturday, September 10, 2011

round up

my brain is "on fire"
After some months of grief, confusion and emotional turbulence after my stepmom's death, I found myself one day wondering where that old feeling of doom and gloom went.   I feel more my old self now and am ready to jump back into my creative world.  This is a good thing but I do have a confession.  I am a wild woman when it comes to planning and creating IN MY HEAD.  I do follow through often, but my mental life is so rich, so busy, so full...that I tire myself sometimes, and there is absolutely no way I could achieve half of what I think about.

What does this have to do with "round up"?  I like to stop sometimes and just reflect on what I have accomplished.  So, that is what this post is about.  I'd be interested in your own experiences with managing your creativity and output. Please comment, and if you can, maybe add a blog post of your own to this rich creative community.  

1.  Started posting plans on Pinterest, and then started a board to list which of the ideas I had finished.
stuff I've made, things I've done, accomplishments
2.  Began working through some old patterns and have used 5 so far.
Butterick 5848
3.  Jumped into working with women in recovery from drug/alcohol made the decision in 2 minutes!  This has proven to be a huge challenge but very rewarding.
4.  Began clearing parts of the yard and moving toward reclaiming our front yard...years of conflict with a crazy neighbor have ended when he sold the house.  Sayonara baby!!
5.  Gave myself a break during the deepest part of my depression, and sewed very easy clothing: the woven tops below, 4 shells from the same pattern (not shown), a purse, and some baby items.  
Vogue 8090

6.  Increased my physical activity.
Simplicity 2685


  1. I can really relate to this post as my thoughts are often racing through my head at such a clip. Additionally I am, of course easily distracted by visual input. I too tend to think always of the next project and not what has been accomplished so I applaud your efforts to record your progress.

    I have a project notebook that helps me keep track of works in the que as well as completed. But I love that you are reflecting on the personal accomplishments as well.

  2. Thanks Lynne, I have considered a project notebook and that may be the way to go as I become more proficient in my sewing. I generally keep a record on the computer, but there is something so lovely about touching the record of one's handiwork.

  3. Oh my.. I was notorious for creative cyclonic brain activity which would cause me to tire before starting something. After talking to a young lady who mentioned that she meditates, I became interested and after reading about it, began about 2 years ago. Being internally hyperactive, meditating allows me to reflect and look at & approach projects and other things slowly, thereby enjoying the fruits of it and accomplishments. My favorite days are rainy and/or overcast days which offers time of reflection and slows the hustle & bustle on my new york life.

    What an awesome endeavor helping recovering women and able to enjoy your accomplishments.... Great post.

  4. Sheila, Thank you and that is a good suggestion on the meditation practice. I need to practice what I preach, eh?

  5. I have the same issues. I have so many projects going on in my head that I often get a bit behind in real life. And, I just went through a tough year, losing my brother and coming through that. So I have been trying to stay focused on the basics. Organizing my fall sewing by color seems to be helping a bit, but I have to admit, I got sidetracked making color palettes!


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