Friday, August 5, 2011

perfume, pillows and panties

Oh, I know what you are thinking!

naughty thoughts

Yes, we did go over the mountain yesterday and go shopping.  I love living in near isolation...most of the time.  but sometimes a girl has just gotta go shopping.  KWIM?

Some Estee Lauder White Linen is gracing my bureau, and a new pillow covered in satin is against the headboard, and finally, three new unmentionables.   I feel quite girly.

Here are some snippets from my life lately:

#1   My entry for the OPML contest on PR got done on time and I love all three dresses.

  OPML entry and a mini maxi wardrobe
#2.   Our street was repaved and the dirt/gravel edges are gone, gone, gone.  It helps to have taught some of the crew when they were in junior high :-)  These guys came back the next day and built a "ramp" for the driveway.
working hard in the heat
#3.   I have been noticing that my darling terriers are getting along in years but they are also getting even sweeter if possible.                  
Bandit is 14 this year
Nick is 11 now and still thinks he is the "baby".
One of my friends was due to deliver in mid August but her baby came early.  Here is McKinley's gift that she won't fit into for some time!
B5439 Baby Fashion Essentials
and here is the reverse:
If possible, I would have a baby right now!
Guess I need a new puppy...


  1. Your dresses are wonderful! Great job and congratulations on finishing them by the deadline. Your puppies are adorable and so are the baby clothes!

  2. Your dresses are very lovely!

  3. Wonderful maxi dresses! The baby outfit is SO cute!

  4. I love all 3 versions of your dress, but I really do adore that turquoise nightgown. Hey, I bought some unmentionable the other day, too! they really do make one feel prettier. And the baby outfit is super cute, and you made it reversible, that's so great! Lucky friend and baby. :)

  5. WOW.. you have been busy.. Great job girl... I was expecting to see a picture of those panties , perfume and the pillows... You sew beautifully. Have you ever made any "unmentionables"?

  6. You have been so productive; three lovely new dresses and that baby outfit is quite adorable! Congratulations on getting your entry into the competition and good luck!
    I'm flattered that you think my images are good enough for your Pinterest, thank you! Please link to my blog, and credit me, Carolyn Smith.

  7. Your dresses are so wonderful and versatile that I immediately added this pattern to my must buy list. And that baby dress is the most charming little thing. What a nice friend you are.

  8. Love the rick rack and reversible for the baby outfit! So cute.


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