Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping, trail riding and a goat

 Here are some highlights from my trip last week.  As always, pictures don't tell the whole story.  This area is a beautiful meadow and wetlands spot, tucked between forested land on all sides.  There is a lake, which is usually dry by this time of year, but this time was still full.  A creek runs through the meadow, and drains into the lake.  There were NO mosquitoes, and NO cows.  Thank you to the camping gods :-)  What I did see were sandhill cranes, geese, pelicans, and a goat.
This is our campsite tucked into the trees, with Mt. McLoughlin in the distance.
A quiet and dark trail through the trees.

Lily Glen on our first day.   This view is looking the opposite direction from the picture above. 

Approaching the meadow and the lake.

                                                                Here is a view of the edge of    
                                                            the meadow.               

A very tiny and blurry sandhill crane.  We scared up a nesting pair.  Very noisy birds!

As we returned to the woods and our trailer, Woody veered toward a campsite...
and we saw a goat!

This is an angora goat, and had just been to OSU Vet Hospital for a damaged shoulder.  She was super friendly, and Woody was really interested.  But it was time for rest and dinner.  Here is our busy and animal friendly camp.  

Another few shots...

an evening ride

Thanks for coming along with me on this adventure.  
Happy trails!


  1. Thank you for inviting us in! Really, I felt like I was right there, & it made me long for a camping trip.....what a fabulous place!

  2. I loved seeing the scenery from your camping trip.

  3. What a great adventure you have posted. Where is Lily Glenn? what is the name of the lake? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Enjoyed the pictures! Thanks!

  5. Looks so idyllic! And I hope the goat gets better.

  6. What a gorgeous trip! It almost makes me think I would like camping. :-P

  7. I always enjoy seeing pictures from this area. I can almost smell the pine...and I love the smell of evergreen trees! I think having a horse to ride on camping trips would be so much fun, if I could get over the fear of falling off!

  8. Such magnificent scenery! Thank you for sharing your holiday photos with us. You are so lucky to live in such picturesque surroundings.
    (And yes, if you do have time to sew whilst caravanning, a miniature sewing machine would be just the thing! This is how I plan to use mine!!)


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