Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Technical sewing

Using Pinterest to spark creativity and enhance productivity...

On the left is my home page on Pinterest, which shows the 18 boards I have put up.  This site allows a member to pin visuals from other places, and links the picture to the original site.  Here is the link.  For example, I have pinned pictures of recipes (Reese's peanut butter cookies, oh my) and that picture links back to the original recipe.  This is genius to me, as I am a very visual person and categorize details in my memory through cues such as pictures or diagrams.  

 Pinterest is a powerful tool for me in my sewing and creative hobbies.  I use boards to organize my ideas, tutorials I want to access later, and I pin photos from commercial fashion sites for inspiration.  I have a board set up for summer sewing, a board for sewing with a plan (long term projects), and a board for tee shirts.  One board I made has been especially helpful to me and that is "stuff I've made things I've done and accomplishments". I use this board to record stuff I've made things I've done and accomplishments.  Sorry, couldn't resist :-)   Doing this helps me see that I am using my free time productively (for me) and following through on ideas and inspiration which occur to me.  I also use this board to track my progress on a deeper level.  If you visit, you will see a picture of a woman with her arms raised to the sky.  This picture leads you to an article on forgiveness.  This is something I have worked on recently and I keep the picture on my board to remind me of my progress and my continuing commitment to forgiveness.  

I have had some questions on how to use this site, so here is a quick run down:
1. Get an invitation from someone who is a member.  You will send that person your email and they will send you an official invitation.
2. Go to the site and register using that invitation.  The site uses Facebook or Twitter log ins.  If you do not have either of those, get one, sign up for Pinterest, and then you can discard your Facebook or Twitter info if you want.  You need it only for signing up.
3. You will receive an email from Pinterest and in it, you will get some code to get a Pin It icon to put on your task bar.    It should just drag onto your task bar easily.  I accidentally did this twice and had two of them.  They are easy to delete (just right click) so don't worry about the technical part of adding/deleting a program onto your computer.  
4.  To pin, you find a picture you admire on the web, click on the Pin It icon, and follow the prompt from Pinterest.    
5.  That is it.  Pin away.  You can pin pictures from other people on Pinterest (repinning) or from other sites.  Set up boards to organize your pins.  Look through other member's boards and enjoy.   It's fun, easy, and sparks so much creativity.   



  1. Hey lady, I checked out your pinned up idea.. But I must be DUH DUMB.. I cant get it .... will try again when my head is clearer.. I would like the name of that book you are currently reading for the club if you still think I can join your group.. Oh, I almost forgot to ask you " is that red & white trailer yours?"

  2. Hi Cheryl, no, we have an Arctic Fox. I admire those little trailers but not for living in for 4 months! I sent you an email regarding Pinterest. Let me know if my email doesn't make sense :-)

  3. Mary,
    Great blog and very intesting article on the pinning idea...will have to check that out. Thanks for the compliments on my art. I think your polygamy idea is perfect...especially since I am already here in TX...Warren may have an opening at the FDLS compound...I could sew the heck out of those pastel Little House on the Prairie dresses! Dorcas

  4. That is very interesting. I've come across Pinterest mentioned on you blog before, and I checked it out but didn't really understand how it worked. I enjoyed looking at your boards then, though! Hmmm, might give this some further thought and request an invitation from you, would that be a possibility?
    Thank you for this detailed explanation!
    oh, and thank you for your kind comment yesterday. it meant a lot to me!

  5. I am late to the pinterest party but everyone seems to love it! I may need to break down and join...

  6. I just did my first Pins...& now that I see how easy it is I'm loving it! I still don't quite get the interactive part of it, but I know I just need to jump in & try it, because everything else has been so easy :)

  7. I think I really need to get onto that, it sounds like I could use it to get myself a bit more organised. Then again, it also sounds like it would keep me chained to the internet even more! If only I could translate all those inspirational things into actual action and get some crafty things happening...

  8. Hi Marec. Hijacking this comment for two minutes (though, must say completely hooked on Pinterest myself).

    I want your professional opinion but can't find an email for you to do it privately. I've decided to invest in leather shoes since they last longer. Thing is, though, I don't want to use those shine liquids. Got this crazy idea of using whatever is used for saddles. What do you think? And could you recommend a brand? I have family/friends traveling in the next months who could bring it back for me. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi lakaribane, I use Lexol cleaner and Lexol conditioner for leather saddles, and my leather chairs, and car upholstery. They are sold separately, as the conditioner is what is used most often. I have also use mink oil for my field boots (dressage boots with laces) after they got wet.

    I couldn't find an email for you either so I hope you get this. I'll send a PM also.


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