Sunday, July 3, 2011

Still no camera

My camera is still on vacation in Washington DC and so I'll fill this space with visuals I have saved over the years.  But, before I do that, I want to share one of my goals with you.  This year I have seen the dreaded arm wobble start, and the chest wrinkles show up from time to time.  Horrors!  I'm still 17 in my mind but my arm skin is 57, and my knee fat is growing.  This is unacceptable to my inner 17 year old-she is sure that working longer and harder will stop the aging process.  Now, I know that there is a giant divide between total plastic surgery and just plain giving up.  I'd like the skate through that middle ground for as long as I can, and then gracefully segue into that wonderful older wise woman we all admire.  I'm not quite ready for the wise woman phase so I have been working with some online, free fitness programs.  One of them is called "one hundred push ups" and the link can be found here.  I have been doing it for 2 weeks and started the program being able to do 3 push ups.  yep, 3. Pitiful.   Today I did my prescribed set of 5, 7,5, 5, then a final 8.  I then did a challenge to see if I was ready for Week 3.  I did 15 push ups.  I then read that I needed to do 16 to move on, so I did 16.  That gives me a total of 61 push ups today.  Full disclosure: I have to alternate between standard push ups and modified (knee) ones to protect my back.   I think the ratio is 1:1 now.  

I still have arm wobble, but not as bad.  I have not weighed myself, as I know with my hill walking, regular stretching and exercise and this program, I will probably have not lost weight.  I *do* know that my size 10 jeans fit again, and the last few tops I have made need altering.  It's all good.  

There are so many resources to improve your wellness.  I would love to hear what works for you.

Here are some pictures to enjoy~
storm building over our campsite

fishhook cactus flower

sassy bobcat hunting near our camp
Happy 4th of July to all.


  1. Ugh, pushups....The only ones I've ever been able to do are the knee ones...I don't know if reading about your goal/challenge made me jealous or scared!
    Sheila of the style blog Ephemera used to apply the same wobbly arms cure by doing 10 pushups everytime she would go to the bathroom. Clever, no?
    Still I'm not sure I could do this. The only sport I love practising is ballroom dancing!

  2. Wow. Pushups. Gosh. Ummmm....... I'm going to look at that site.


    Proud of you! You might just motivate me here..... :)

  3. Oh dear, pushups. I'm just hoping that holding back an extremely enthusiastic dog on a lead during her walk counts for some weight-bearing exercise... and walking to and carrying home big bags of groceries from the store.
    The last cartoon was a goodie, made me laugh!

  4. My 17 yr old inner self is trying to rebel, but my 57 yr old outer self won't let her make a peasant skirt. That would just look too weird *wink*

    I've taken to wearing mid-length sleeves this summer. Pushups....hmmmm...I'll check out this website.

    Have a safe and happy 4th!

  5. Wow! Push-ups are going to spread across the blogisphere. Thanks for the inspiration. I too will check out that sight. When I'm seeing my 60 years in the mirror, and yet, that 17-year-old inside dismisses reality, I sometimes go to this blog for inspiration:

  6. Way to go with your new exercise routine. Resistance training really does make a difference. I can testify to that! It's how I got my baby weight off after each of my three pregnancies. I mostly run now. Hopefully my hips will hold out a few more years, before I have to switch to something else, since running is my favorite way to exercise.

  7. Pushups are the devil, but they really make a huge difference in your strength and shape. They get so many different parts of your body--shoulders, arms, abs. My gym teachers love them, so I do a lot of them. But they are still the devil!

  8. Oy.... pushups are not my favourite thing, but they do work. I have a love/(mostly)hate relationship with exercise. I know I should, I know I'd be pleased with the results, but I honestly don't hate the wobbliness in the mirror enough to actually do something about it yet....


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