Friday, July 29, 2011

Some food for thought...

Those of you who know my age (57) and were motivated to do the math already know that I grew up in the late 50s and 60s, reaching young adulthood in the early 70s.  Besides all the good times to be had during those tumultuous times (rock n' roll, chemistry experiments etc), this was an age in which we looked to make America, and the rest of the world, a better place.  I was influenced by the political movements of the time, the music, the art, the culture and the overwhelming sense that we could make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Where did that faith and hope go?

I am saddened by the some of the attitudes in this country regarding the poor.

I am angry, no, furious, about the political machinations which will affect anti-poverty programs in this country.

My husband is so articulate, and I am going to link to a recent post of his...I cannot do justice to this issue as well as he.  they will always be among us   Please take some time to read this, and do what you can to even the playing field in your part of the world.  We are so fortunate.


  1. The report your hubby linked to leaves me speechless. I truly cannot relate to the us/them black/white good/evil rich/poor lines that folks are so compelled to draw....and refuse to cross w/o judgmental animosity.

    We grew up in the same era, with similar attitudes. I know that generational attitudes ebb and flow, but the division we seem to be creating now is surreal. The refusal to take responsibility for our own actions (hello??? politicians????), and the resulting finger of blame pointing to anyone else.....I can't even imagine where this could lead.

    Would you like to help me create a community of co-existence on an island somewhere? (tropical, preferably....) ;-D

  2. Your blog caught my eye in google reader this morning because we are the same age, but your husband's blog (and the linked article) were the real eye-openers.

    What make me really sick is that when we fire the politicians for NOT doing what we want, they get a nice retirement with gucci-style medical care.

    ... and what is this crap: on TV, every time a politician says, "what Americans want," I get the distinct idea that he/she has not got a clue what that is!

    Well, thanks for letting me vent!

  3. 2 yrs older than you, grew up in the same time period as you and agree with you and your husband 1000%
    This all has to stop. Compassion, compromise and civility have all become dirty words in this political environment. Shame on us.


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