Friday, July 8, 2011

passing on some patterns and looking for more

Hi everyone,

Still no camera!  My husband returned from Washington DC but his luggage did not.  It is still at our airport, which is only open certain parts of the day.  Flying out from there is hilarious-the check in staff does all their paperwork, and then someone moves over to the scanning area, and another goes out to the boarding area to help the crew. Yes, the crew...of the one plane.  When I was still teaching, I boarded the plane one time, and the pilot was a parent of one of my students.  He said "Hi Mrs. C.  Did Clarissa get her video report turned in?"  all while doing his pre-flight check.  There was no way I was going to tell him then that his daughter had done a terrible job.  We all want our pilots to be happy and calm.

I am passing on some patterns and would like to offer them to anyone who can trade with me.  I'll list what I have available, and then below it list what I am looking for.  If you have a match, please leave a comment with contact info.  I'll get back to you and we can organize a trade.  Most of these are sizes 6-12/14 and some have been cut at 10 at the shoulders, 12 at the bust and 14 at the hip.  Hey, they're free :-)  If you have a pattern not on my want list, but similar, make me an offer.  I am slowly refining my pattern stash to reflect a more casual and adventurous wardrobe.

Passing these on:

S2936 woven blouse with elastic sleeves/rick rack 8-16 with extra pieces (cut on 12-14)
S2539 simple dress, jacket, vest, pants 10-18 (uncut)
S4789 work wardrobe dresses, coat, jacket, vest, pants 10-18 (uncut)
S3775 knit dress with waist detail 12-20 (uncut)GONE
S4951 work wardrobe cami, jacket, skirt, pants, purse 12-20 (uncut)GONE
NL6523 loungewear-super cute robe, cami, pants, shorts, gown (cut)

V7898 dress w/ asymmetrical hem 12-16 (uncut)
V2911 Sandra Betzina bias skirt and blouse ABC sizing (skirt cut on C)
V7700 big shirt 6-8-10 (uncut)GONE

B5451 very cute dress or tunic with large collar 8-14 (uncut)GONE
B5305 A line dress with round yoke, loose fitting, cute with belt 8-14 (cut on 12-14)GONE
B5608 4 cute woven tops 8-14 (View C cut on 12-14)
B5403 Connie Crawford jeans all sizes (uncut)

M4450 70s jacket and skirt bust 36 size 14 (uncut)GONE

KS3488 shirtdress xs-xl (uncut)GONE

Looking for:
S3640 sweats 4-12/14 (I really want this pattern) Found an alternative-thanks Jenn!!
S2153 anorak 6-14
S3773 6-12 dress, tunic etc
Jalie 2911 pullover (This is a big want for me)
Jalie 2908 stretch jeans


  1. Well, you are certainly doing a big pattern stash clean-out!! I'm sorry, I dont have any of the ones you are looking for...

    In answer to your question, I honestly don't remember exactly how long that jacket took to make; I finished it back in March! but it did take a while. For me that would mean about a week or possibly two, I've rarely spent a month on one project! I guess I've honed it down so I am pretty efficient ... I did not make a muslin, and as usual cut a wee bit bigger in the area I thought might be suss (hips) and fitted to myself during sewing... and that pattern didn't require any hip adjustment in the end. It is a very unstructured pattern...
    Some days I do no sewing, other days I might do a couple of hours, depending on how busy I am with other things.

  2. Carolyn, that timeline is what I thought. 1-2 weeks would be long for you. My MIL was also a very accomplished seamstress, and much of what I dithered over, she just did without thought. I often have to pin baste stuff together to make sure I understand the directions. You can imagine my difficulty with the 3D aspect of organic chem.

  3. Mary, sorry, I'm not ready to pass on my two Jalie patterns; it's a great idea to do an exchange though - hope it works!

  4. Mary, I think that I do have the Simplicity 3640 in my pattern stash. I will have to look through the bins to see. I will let you know ASAP!!

  5. No, unfortunately I do not. But I do have Simplicity 5352 and New Look 6142. I think that the New Look is still in the catalogue. Take a look and see if it looks good to you. I will take a picture of the other pattern and try to post it. Let me know if either one looks good to you!

  6. Thanks Jenn, I'll email you or go to your blog.

  7. Funny plane story... in Japan I travelled to Yakushima, and when I left Tokyo my water bottle was scanned on a proper machine. When I left the tiny airport at Yakushima, it was tested as well - by the staff opening it and sniffing the contents!!

  8. Thanks Mary for the kind words you left on my blog.. My husband is on the mend .. We paln to go camping this weekend for a couple days to boost our spirits! hopefully catch a big fish or two... Hope you find your camera or get another.. We should get together for coffee sometime..

  9. Mary, Sounds good to me too,, I will be out of town for a few days next week but if you leave me via (my blog) a message as to your phone # I will call you when I am available..Probably not until Friday next week.. the22nd? Have a good weekend & week. We are headed to Crescent Lake for a breather...Hope the fishing is good...


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