Sunday, July 17, 2011

my camera came home

I have my camera back!!  It is a bit worse for wear, but usable.  True story-I dropped it tonight and got a message saying "lens error-restart camera".  That did NOT work so I Googled the message.  Others have had this happen to their little Canon Powershots and the fix is.........

bang it repeatedly on a hard surface until the message goes away.


It works.

Don't tell Ross, ok?  oops, he reads this blog.  Honey, we might need a new camera.

Here are two of my sewing projects.

 The pants above are from an OOP pattern Simplicity 5921.  I think it is still available on Ebay.  The pants are very minimal-there are 2 darts in front and 4 behind.  The zipper is in the back & there is no waistband.  This is the perfect pattern for a short hourglass shape!  Don't you love patterns that sew up fast and have good results?  I think I am in love with this slacks pattern.

The dress is Vogue 8645, and was an experiment for me.  I like the loose, easy feel to this dress, but I was concerned that it would make my look like a little potato.  I'm happy to say that it doesn't...but I do need to fiddle with the fabric belt as it moves around my fluffy parts.  I think I'll probably try a commercial belt with this.  Aren't the ties at the shoulder cute?  This was a muslin, and I will make this up again in a lightweight cotton blend.

That's all for tonight.  I wanted to share just a bit; I will be back to blogging this week.  If my Powershot cannot be revived again by "banging repeatedly on a hard surface", I'll just have to go shopping.  


  1. The pants are terrific! They look so professional. I love the styling of the pants and skirt in that pattern. The dress is super cute, too. Perfect for mid-summer!

    It's a shame to hear about your camera (cough, cough), and I hope you'll be able to replace your little photo-snapping friend soon ;)

  2. I really enjoyed your Blog. Digital cameras have made photography affordable, quick and easy even for non-professionals. By following a few simple principles, even beginners can take photos.

    Jimmy Jib

  3. I love the high tech camera fix!

    The pants look like a great staple and the dress is so cute! I think the style really suits you; I do not see any fluffy bits.

  4. Your camera fix cracks me up!!!

    Both the pants and the dress look so good on you, but I particularly like the dress...the coloring, styling, all of it looks like a perfect match for you! It's seeing projects like this that keep moving me into being ready to both make a dress, and maybe even wear the one (or two?) that I own. It would help if the sun would stay out!

  5. Too funny! Love the dress on you. It certainly doesn't look like a muslin. It's great. I agree about the pants - gotta have a TNT pattern for pants, don't you? Nice work. Glad your camera is back.

  6. haha...I've always tried shaking electronic devices that stopped working, but maybe I'll have to give them a good knock instead :)

    Both things look great! I'm envious of your TNT slacks pattern. That's something I'm struggling with. The dress is really pretty! Not a potato sack in sight!

  7. I love your dress, "like a little potato"? Not! You look lovely. I can't believe you called it a muslin!
    And the pants are winners... I hope the camera pulls through!

  8. I don't see why we need a new camera when you're so adept at repairing ours.

    I love the dress.


  9. Oh no, your poor camera. But really, I'm glad you got it working, I hope it keeps working!
    I think the dress is lovely, the print is so perfect for that dress, it looks fantastic. I agree with the others, it doesn't look like a muslin at all, and certainly not like a potato sack. It's very pretty!

  10. That dress looks lovely on you. Love the shoulder detail.
    Good luck with the camera! I know what that feels like - I dropped mine only one month after I bought it, and I really did a number on it. Warranties do not cover such moments. Had to buy another one.

  11. What a lovely dress. It has that relaxed yet sophisticated vibe about it.

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