Monday, June 13, 2011

remodeling, redecorating and accessorizing

I have always loved accessories.  I have the quirkiest taste in purses, I love scarves, I collect lots of jewelry from many different places, and I would be ecstatic if hats came back into fashion.  I count my blessings that shoes have escaped my notice...though I do have lots of sandals.  So, most of my clothes fit on one side of my closet, and the other side is belts, scarves, hats, gloves and so on.  Then, my dresser drawers are full of pjs, camis, panties, bras, socks socks socks, and a few shorts.  Do you see the pattern here?  All my sewing seems to be a way to wear more accessories.

This brings me to my main point-I want to move my dresser out of my room and use it in the living room.  That means-yes, you guessed it-less space for my accessories.  What should I do?  Get rid of stuff or be even more creative in my use of space?  The correct answer is #2.  The guys are still working on the french doors (they are incredible craftsmen.  This company also rebuilt our basement wall a few years back and did a wonderful job.)

As I wait for the doors to be finished, and dream of a serene home,  I am looking for ways to use my accessory swag.  Here is a wonderful video for you:

25 ways to tie a scarf


  1. Lucky you! I wish I could wear cute retro hats, but I just don't look good in headwear. (Except for those big floppy-brimmed ones ;)
    Your renovations are getting more interesting!

  2. Thanks for that scarf-tying link!
    Accessories are so important to an outfit, but in the last while I seem to have forgotten that - haven't been updating much in that department. Thank-you for the reminder.

  3. Thank you for that link! Very handy info!
    Accessories are wonderful, but I go through phases of wanting to use them a lot,and then wanting to go minimal. I can't decide which is more "me". But I definitely love scarves for the winter-time, ie now.


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