Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new blouse, a shopping trip, and some road photos

Hi everyone, the weekend is here and I am definitely ready for some down time.  I've been really busy, and when I stop to catch my breath, I see other things that call for my attention.  I now have a few projects completed, and a few halfway done, and a few which are waiting on contractors.  Which brings up an important issue: does anyone know why contractors start jobs, get 80% of the way done, and then disappear?  Why is that?  Don't they want the rest of their money?  Do they need a professional organizer to keep them on a schedule?  I am practicing distancing myself from this-breathe, Mary, breathe.

I finished a few summer riding blouses/tops this week.  Today was finally warm enough to shed my long johns and here I am in Butterick 5493D.   I really like the ruffle with this print and I like the overall fit of the blouse.  I made some changes in the ruffle construction which resulted in a more subdued, flatter ruffle-I like that.  I also added some length to the top and I think now it should be shorter.  All in all, it's a great pattern.

We spent yesterday shopping for "swag", as Ross calls it.  After donating, throwing away and giving so much of our stuff , we are left with lots and lots of empty space in our home. 
We drove the 75 miles over the mountain to shop and have lunch.
We followed the winding road out of town,

around the lake,

up the mountain along the major highway,

following chip trucks and

enjoying the view.
We picked up some fun things at Pier 1, and then spent the rest of the day in Jacksonville.  I promised to show you some of the redecorating, and I will.  For now, here is what the kitchen looked like before we left.

I love sharing my messy, creative life with you!


  1. I like the top with its dignified ruffle--I could see living in a rainbow of these all summer!

    Gorgeous road photos. I have to say it was a little disappointing to read that 75 miles over the mountains and through that lovely scenery brings you not to the end of the rainbow but to Pier 1!

  2. The ruffle does look beautiful in that print. Your blouse is lovely.

    I think I'd go shopping just as an excuse to see those views ;)
    You live in a breathtaking area!

    I guess we'll have to wait to see what you're doing with the planters? Hmmm....

    And, yes, Celadon ;)

  3. Your sleeveless blouse looks perfectly summery. Your views are lovely - except maybe the truck. I hope you weren't stuck behind it for too long!

  4. Lovely blouse - the ruffle is the best part !

  5. Mary - I love the top and your pictures are delightful too! What fun to pare down for summer and then find a few choice things to spice up your home. I look forward to seeing your decorating pictures. Oh, and I'm jealous. You are just now able to put away long-johns?! It is already hot, hot summer here in Atlanta. It arrived way too early this year.

  6. What a super summer top and you look gorgeous in it! The yellow pots look like they are patiently waiting for some herbs or flowers. I love Jacksonville. My sister used to work at the Jacksonville Inn - long time ago. We still love to shop there together whenever we see each other.

  7. What a nice day out, and your blouse is lovely. What's more, this is such a lovely picture of you! I don't think I've commented before on how lovely I think your hair is.

  8. Oh dear, I've just re-read my own comment, and there are a few too many "lovely-s" in there, sorry! I guess you can tell I meant it though!

  9. :-) Carolyn, lovely of you to stop in and comment

  10. Beautiful blouse. I love what you did with the ruffle. Carolyn's right. You have amazing hair!

    Looks like a great day out.


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