Sunday, June 5, 2011

Motivation, creativity, persistence of vision

Where do you get motivation?  I love PatternReview for the community of stitchers, for the help received as I learn, and for the support to join in on challenges.  I'm participating in a very low key challenge right now-Summer Sewalong.  You can see my planning boards to the right.  So far, I've completed one pair of pants, two dresses, and three tops.

My goal this year is to be more frugal in my sewing and to use the stash I have for the garments I need.  Let me repeat this: 

use what I have to make what I need

What about you?  Do you see your vision change because of the materials available...or do you find other fabrics and notions to get as close as possible?   Does working within these constraints harbor or hamper creativity?


  1. Kudos to you for working with what you have....I still have a weakness for gorgeous new fabric, but I have so much gorgeous stash fabric that I know I could go for a solid year w/o buying a single yard. I also know I won't do that, but I could..... ;-D

    The source of motivation for me varies, but at the moment I'm focusing more on what I "need" (i.e., what I've worn out because I wear it so much). PR definitely helped me there, with the mini-wardrobe challenge, because I had SO much fun sewing something utterly practical & appreciated, while making sure I added plenty of creative funk to it :)

    And I continually find that if I have a vision, and then dig through what I already have, the vision changes course & takes on a life of its own & the creative spark grows. I think it helps me focus, whereas looking in a store through bolts (or pictures online) with a multitude of choices, gives me lots of ideas, but the creative focus doesn't form while doing that.

    I think you've just helped me renew a commitment to shopping my stash more!

  2. I wish you luck in your challenge!
    Working within the constraints of my stash (by that I mean what other people keep on giving me, knowing that I sew, and not fabric I have chosen myself because I love it) can be a huge challenge. Sometimes I just can't get inspired, and it sits there making me feel guilty, and just occasionally magic happens and I manage to produce something I am truly pleased with out of fabric that didn't inspire me in the first place.
    If I have bought fabric because I love it, well, a guaranteed good outcome is assured.
    Perhaps I should just start refusing other peoples' unloved fabrics...?

  3. I have quite a stash that I seem to be still adding to. At the moment I've had an enormous amount of luck finding patterns from thrift outlets at an amazing price. So with a bit of luck and a lot of creativity I should be able to use some of the fabric that I've had difficulty matching up with an appropriate pattern.

  4. Dress looks great. I definitely relate and need to to the same. I sometimes think if I would spend less time buying and sending away for great new things, I'd accomplish a lot more!

  5. When I first started sewing I would go and buy material from an actual material shop (seems like such a novel concept to me now). These days I remake op shop clothes or get my material from op shops and markets, which is cheaper and more 'eco'... but I probably end up getting more that way, which explains my huge 'stash', which unfortunately never gets used!


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