Thursday, June 9, 2011


Don't you love before and after pictures? I celebrate right along with the lucky client or recipient...ohhhing and ahhing at their transformation. I think that is why I love DIY crafts so much-I can start with some unloved object and turn it into "art". sort of. This DIY mentality only goes so far though. I know my limits. When there are power tools required, I get a little hesitant, having lost mobility in my right hand due to a log splitter accident. So, I call in a professional (or in this case, 3 companies of professionals). We are patiently waiting for the after pictures, as I know you are too. Here is what my house looks like right now:
retaining wall ready for stucco work
door frame removed for new french doors
a kitchen cabinet removed so we could
fix an outlet

I am hiding in my sewing room as much as I can.   :-)

There are little spots around the house which are done, and so pretty. We found some adorable American folk art figures when we went to Jacksonville and they are in our bookcase right now.  Let me see if I can get a picture of them-I'm having some trouble with Blogger and photos right now.

These little figurines are made by Harold Turpin of Kent WA.  Each sheep or goat is different, and they are covered with wool which I think is super special.  Turpin also creates buildings but those are too big for our house.  We are charmed by this black sheep and the billy goat.


  1. LOVE those little critters!

    Every now & then I'll run into the photos I took documenting my kitchen & bath remodel & the whole process still amazes me, and reminds me to look on the results with delight, all over again :)

    I look forward to yours!

  2. Those critters are absolutely adorable!


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