Friday, June 10, 2011

backyard dreams

Yesterday I posted some graphic pictures  of parts of my house. I'm sure looking forward to next week when all the work should be done.  In the meantime, I have been sewing and gardening and riding.  My yard is a sanctuary for me and I have loved tending it over the years.  I do need help now as the property is just too big to manage without copious amounts of Advil.  My husband and I tend to divide up areas each year to be our personal domains.  This year he is taking care of the enclosed dog yard and hot tub area, with its hanging planters.  He is also tackling a big job of removing some sod from one of the terraces and replanting around the vine maple.

I am focusing on the rock garden, and two small gardens planted in memory of each parent.

Scattered around the yard are small alcoves and
hidden is a magical place.

I have enough room to experiment with different bulbs or annuals, and to have woodland plantings or sunny, cheerful areas.

I hope all of you enjoy your upcoming weekend and do exactly what makes you happy.


  1. Awww! The beauty! I wish I had a garden of my own...

  2. Your garden is incredibly lovely. I've always admired people with green thumbs!

  3. Mary you have a truly beautiful garden, no wonder it is your special haven!!
    And I really love those little sheep you picked up on your holiday in the last post. So cute!
    Looking forward to the "after" pictures...!

  4. Beautiful garden! I would love to be able to poke around the nooks and crannies someday. With my black thumb, it's just as well I live in a condo with no outdoor space, but I appreciate others' work!

  5. What a beautiful haven and it clearly shows all the love & care you & your hubby have put into it.


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