Monday, May 2, 2011

style decisions

With the recession, housing prices in our area have fallen about 30% and that means...we are staying in our home for the time being.  In place of moving to an urban area, or a condo, or the resort at RunningY, we are putting our energy into making our 70 year old home be even more charming.
2001 front yard

New paint inside, new french doors, and new electronics.  I am happy that our friend Jim rebuilt our 70's style entertainment center to be appropriate for 21st century components.  Our giant TV is gone gone gone!!  Our Wii can be used more easily and while we still have far too many remotes, our new flat screen TV is wonderful!

Can you tell I'm excited?  I will try to update you from time to time on our changes.  There is a strong movement in this country to "make do" and staying in "this old house" is an example of that.  More details to come...


  1. Of course I wasn't around back then, but it seems that the "make do" mentality was considered a virtue once upon a time. I think losing that idea hasn't done our culture any good. Deciding to scale back and make do can be very relieving as you realize you don't have to strive for the bigger, better, newer anymore.

  2. Joy, I could not agree more. I spent many years trying to have just the right stuff, and be just the right way...I am now freeing myself from this, I hope.


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