Sunday, May 1, 2011

stripes revisited

You might recall that I started a new dress back in April, and was a teeny bit adventurous with my fabric choice.  yikes stripes post  Some people were enthusiastic, others were noncommittal; some found my fabric fun while others wished I had not asked their opinion!  I forged ahead with a clear vision of stripes and I finished the dress last week.  Of course, life got in the way as it often does, and I couldn't find any time to write a blog post, or a review for PatternReview until today.  So, dear readers, here is the zebra dress in all its black and white goodness:
styled for dinner out with black wedge sandals, black clutch and chunk crystal earrings...oh, and I curled my hair!
I love the style and am really pleased with the pattern.  This will be a TNT and I can see making it up in some fun prints but also in a variety of gorgeous solids such as teal, or coral, or red.  The pattern is B5351 View A  The review is on PatternReview if you want all the juicy details.  Click here  for the official review. 

The quick summary is-this is a well drafted pattern, and makes up into a nicely fitting dress.  The only sticking point for me was the strap placement.  My shoulders are quite narrow, and so I did not attach the straps until everything else was done.  I left the band unsewn near the straps and marked, basted, marked, sewed to get them as close as possible.  I still feel as though they may slide around a bit and wonder if a possible fix on the next iteration would be to use elastic within...?

Another important change was to ADD an inch to the length.  I am petite, and I ADDED length.  Just sayin'

More news-new flat screen TV in the background is our second TV in 39 years.

Happy sewing everyone-time for a rest


  1. You look fantastic in your beautiful dress! Well done!

  2. I love the dress on you! Next time, though, try to get your shoes in the pic, please.

  3. KC, I tried! I'm photo impaired :-)

  4. The dress turned out great! You can wear bold patterns very well! Oh, I'm so envious :)

  5. Stunning! You are so fortunate that you can wear black and white, rather than them wearing YOU! These graphical prints and sharp colours are amazing on you...

  6. Hey, hey, hey, very nice! How fun to go out to dinner to debut your new spicy dress and hair. I love it!

  7. OK, I take it all back! You were spot on right with that print, and you look HOT in the dress!


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