Sunday, May 29, 2011

sewing and not writing

I am still redecorating, renovating, painting, sewing...and not writing.  No reviews for PatternReview have been done though I have at least 3 garments ready for photographs.  No thoughtful posts on design or alterations or style are simmering.  I am just doing it, as per Nike.  For those of you who are wordsmiths, "as per" looked very odd when I typed it, so I checked: dictionary def

Here is something I have learned about retirement and traveling.  If you are gone for 25% of the year, you have to work at least X % harder at home the other 75% of the year to keep up.  If you are a math wizard, please find the value of X or an equation I can use.  A house and yard need care, and they do hibernate well in the winter but...there is always a list of projects.  Those projects rise to the surface, as does spring.  Which brings me to the next point: gardening.  sigh.  I love my yard, and it is calling to me now.  Fortunately, the weather here in southern OR on the high desert is still cold.  Right now the frost has melted, the wind is blowing and the temperature is 41 F.

I'll stay inside for most of the day-should I paint, sew, clean, or craft?

Mt Shasta 


  1. Projects certainly do get the best of us. But I hope you are enjoying a creative, relaxing day, no matter which craft you chose! I'm anxious to see what you've been sewing.
    (I'm sure the gardening will still be there for you tomorrow ;)

  2. My vote is for whatever is going to make you happiest.
    You're welcome to use my picture.

  3. I think you should go with the activity that pleases you the most! If you don't feel like writing now, then leave it until you do feel like it!
    Well, an absence of 25% would require a workload of 4/3 times, or an extra 33%, spread over the remaining 75% to maintain a status quo. That's assuming an equal workload is needed during the absentee period. However, if less work is required during that 25% absence ("caretaker" maintenance is probably less than "occupying" maintenance, as obviously when you are not occupying a house then logically less cleaning is required), then it would be a bit less. It would be interesting to know the difference between "caretaker" and "occupier" maintenance, yes?
    Sorry for my geeky analysis. You can tell I was a scientist/mathematician, huh?

  4. Wow, still chilly! We reached just about maximum temp in DC this week (95 F), though it is not at maximum humidity. I hope you enjoyed your cozy day at home!


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