Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my little family

Bandit at age 2 with her hero Mike, who has gone on
My family is made up of myself, my husband, my friends and my pets.  My little terriers, Bandit and Nick, are my special buddies and so dear to me.  Their enthusiasm and happy spirits always bring a smile to my face.    This morning Bandit had a grand mal seizure, which sacred me half to death, and exhausted her.  I was drinking coffee and reading PatternReview when I heard scrabbling in the kitchen.  I turned to look, and saw her go down.  She went rigid, then relaxed somewhat, tried to rise, and seized again.  Her whole body was contorted, and her eyes did not see me.  This lasted about 20 seconds total, and afterwards she cuddled with me for a short time...then was back to her usual romping.  Aging is hard on everyone, isn't it?

I'll update as I learn more. 


  1. I do hope everything is okay. Pets are so precious!

  2. How terrifying! All my best wishes to Bandit.

  3. Poor Bandit! I hope she is feeling better


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