Thursday, May 5, 2011

make do

Illustration by Clare Owens

An attitude of acceptance is valuable in all parts of my life.  I usually can accept that I am aging, that I have no control of other people, that my abilities only go so far.  While I would like to be taller, leaner, smarter, and a more accomplished sewer (or rider, cook, computer operator, artist, crafter, gardener, home decorator...) I know my limits.  I don't usually bite off more than I can chew.  And, when I do, I chew carefully.

So, I have been working on the second dress in my spring/summer lineup, B5602(the floral version).  I have made the dress, the lining, and am working on the contrast facings and band. The sewing gremlins attacked and I inserted the lining incorrectly twice, did it right the third time, messed up the facings, and now realize that the lining is disintegrating with all the handling.  Thus, the above reflection.

 After yesterday's sewing debacle, I pulled a lovely sweater jacket from my closet which I have had since the early 90s.  It is a pretty gray lilac weave with arty gray buttons and cute zippered pockets.  It is also a little box shape (which I can resemble in the wrong clothes).  I sewed up the sides a bit, trimmed the sleeves, and added new hems.  It now fits more closely, and the bracelet sleeve length is far more flattering. 

 This accepting attitude saved me from a downward spiral.  I could have said "Oh, I'll never learn to sew well."  In fact, I love to sew and I sew a lot.  It stands to reason that I would have some fails.  As every ride on my horse is not perfect, so too is not every garment.

What does all this have to do with yesterday's post ?

As we have decided to "make do" with this house, we have given away, or sold, the following stuff: bicycles, skis, fishing equipment, sewing machine table, crystal, fabric, craft supplies, CD changer, speakers, turntable, furniture..while I will miss some of these items, I also know that what surrounds me now reflects my true interests and lifestyle.  And, staying means that I must remind myself that this is the house, and the life, that I chose, and continue to choose and nurture. 


  1. I get frustated when I make mistakes too. Sometimes it is best to walk away for a bit and do something else, like you did. I always tell my daughter that we only see the chef's perfect work in the pictures, and the designer's perfect work...we don't get to see all the failures and mistakes and wrong turns it takes to get to the finished object.


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