Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ingenuity and the internet

I love the internet!  You can find almost anything you want (and some stuff you DON"T want) out there.  I have been surfing around looking for ideas to spruce up my humble abode-and have found examples of every style imaginable.  After immersing myself in site after site, I learned some things about myself: I love cottage style decorating, but hate clutter.  I love clean surfaces, but don't care for minimalism.  I'm frugal, but have expensive tastes.  Oh, I'm a Gemini, did you guess? 

Surfing paint and redecorating sites quickly led to fatigue and disinterest.  There are so many possibilities...and so many ads.  Then, I learned about a very cool site called Pinterest.  It is a photo sharing site which has attracted a very hip following, and included in the mix are photographers, graphic artists, fashion pros, and just plain folks like me.  Members pin photos from their own surfing, and these photos are permalinked to the original site.  It is an ingenious concept.   Here is where I was able to pinpoint (pun not intended) my sense of style for my home.  I invite everyone here to go take a look at the site.  I added a button on the right to allow you access to my boards.  If you want to join, it is very simple, free, and takes 1-2 days. 

I have been sewing and crafting lately.  Here is my spring wreath, made from yarn, fabric scraps from the dress I am currently working on, and ribbons.  Enjoy!


  1. Your wreath is so pretty! I've come across Pinterest, and it does look pretty cool.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Mum's jacket. She was thrilled to get so many compliments!

  2. Pretty wreath. I love green and purple together. I am looking forward to checking your boards on Pinterest since I plan to paint and redecorate my sewing and homeschooling space this summer!


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