Monday, May 23, 2011

creativity, multitasking, and trust

ah, there has been a storm of creativity in this home lately.  Both Ross and I have not only been involved in our own personal pursuits, but we have been redecorating.  At its most basic, this creative storm resulted in a massive giveaway to neighbors and friends  (I held back my Threads magazines for you, my loyal readers!). The basement is habitable now, and really a pretty comfy space.  The other two floors are spic and span with new paint, and only our most cherished possessions.  We are now looking for something to hang over the fireplace.  We both like the idea of something metal, and abstract, and not too large.  Ideas?

My main point, though, is that I have been doing, doing, doing...and not writing about it.  I am in that part of the creativity cycle which I must get through before I can simply share.   I am also looking at the result of our storm and self doubt is quietly commenting in the background: "Is this the right color?"  "Should we have kept the bikes?"  "What if I made a mistake?"   I need to continue to trust my original vision, just as I do in sewing.  I am smarter than that quiet little voice and in fact, wrote about it in this post.

If you are still reading, and are interested in seeing the results of our work, please comment below.  If there is interest, I'll post some pictures of my 1945 home.  In the meantime, how about some winter travel pics?  I haven't shared many desert pictures with you lately.

Watch out for dinosaurs near Borrego Springs, CA.

This is something from the early Cenozoic Era...not me, I'm from the late Cenozoic.

Tucson AZ.  ?State courthouse?


  1. Yes please! I love seeing how others decorate. I've been slowly repainting my home. So. Much. Work.

  2. I for one would like to see pics of the clear-out and redo. As for over the fireplace, one would have to see the decor, of course, but how about a collage of salvaged heat vent floor grates?

  3. Oh, yes please - I would love to see what you have done in your home! I love to see what others have done, and it does motivate me to keep going on my projects.

  4. Late Cenozoic, lol!
    I would love to see pictures of your renovation!
    Re, over your fireplace... I'm a believer in artwork that is meaningful in some way to you personally. Such as something you picked up on your travels that will bring happy memories flooding in of your holiday?

  5. I'd love to see what you have done!


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