Thursday, May 26, 2011

blogger bogged down

I had been congratulating myself on avoiding some of the recent Blogger meltdown and today my luck ran out.

I have lost all of you, my dear readers/followers.  You are somewhere - I just can't see you.  You can't see you either.  I asked JillyBe to check from her end and she sees a big blank and when she tried to follow, was told she already was.  So.  I'm stymied.  I sent a note into the Blogger Help forum ether and truly don't expect any reply.

It's been a great relationship with you and I'm sorry to see it end :-)   Maybe this is a trial separation.

oh yeah, I'm a bit pissed about this


  1. **jumps up & down waving hands wildly** I'm HEEEEEERE!!! I never left you, promise!

    Get with it blogspot....Mary has friends & followers & you're not scaring us away with your disappearing tactics! ;-)

  2. Oops, now we're gone again! We followers are enjoying our visits to Brigadoon.

  3. They have backups, better ones than you would have yourself. You need to give them time to 1) fix the problem (which they're well aware of) and 2) restore things the way they were. Frantic activity on your part only makes things more difficult for everyone, and delays the fixes. Consider that you're not paying for on the whole damn good service..

  4. I'm having the same problem. When things like this happen - I just assume that it will be fixed in time. Weird things do happen on the internet.

  5. The Blogger thing sounds really irritating!

  6. You readers are so fickle! :-) gone, back, gone again, back again...:-)

  7. Blogger has been having some big hiccups lately, but usually if you "refresh" you often find everything comes back as it was before. If not just give it a few days rest, and they will fix the problem :)
    Just to let you know, I really appreciate your lovely comments on my blog and on Pattern Review. You always leave such nice remarks, which brighten my day up big time! :D


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