Wednesday, April 13, 2011

yikes stripes

Take a look at this-it's 30 seconds of only slightly frenetic video.  You may want to turn down the sound.

What does this have to do with my blog, a place where we talk seriously about life, travel, literature and craft?  My current sewing project is a lovely sundress.  I've been feeling a little less feminine than normal-maybe because I just spent 4 months on water rationing and minimal shower facilities.  This girly frock should help me get my estrogen flowing. Plus, it will be appropriate for almost any place but the Vatican.  I'll be able to dress it up with heels and a belt, or add a cardigan and cute sandals for a "girl's night out" look.  Here's the pattern:

Girly dresses for summer
I am making View A.  Cute, huh?  I like the classic, fitted look to the bodice and skirt, and the fact that the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps.  The last two days I have worked on the muslin for this dress.  I actually made two muslins-do I get extra points for this?  I have altered the bodice length, the darts in front, the curve of the bodice underarm, adjusted the strap position and am now fiddling with the band.  The band is just too wide under my arm and I cannot solve this problem yet.  I love this dress and can see it in my future over and over and over...

Can you guess what fabric I picked?  Scroll down for the answer:

 Trust me, this will work.  My husband is not so sure but then again, he is happy to support any activity that gets the estrogen flowing.  I am looking forward to seeing this come together.  I love B/W, I love bold prints, I think zebras are pretty interesting animals, and I already have the fabric.  What more can I say?


  1. That ad made me laugh :D
    Your dress is going to be lovely; very feminine, and great for summer! I love the fabric too...

  2. The pattern has a great classic look. I think your fabric will make it a knock out!

  3. I love the zebra stripes. It will be cute!

  4. Now that I see the stripe, I take back all my hesitancy about this dress ;-D I think I was envisioning a larger pattern - this looks fun!

  5. That is going to be so fun! Time to get your girly on.

  6. Awesome fabric. What is so nice about this type of fabric is that you can dress it up with colorful accessories or keep it very elegant with black/white/neutral accessories. Either way, I can't wait to see this come together.


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