Sunday, April 17, 2011

The stuff we accumulate

We have lots of stuff.  Both my husband and I are very enthusiastic about our hobbies and having lived a good amount of time so far...we have lots of equipment.  Sadly, each of us have been known to find a new passion, immerse ourselves in that activity for awhile and then move on.  Some of our interests over the years have stayed with us but some have not.  Let's see, scrapbooking, jazzercise, endurance riding, fly fishing, snow shoeing, XC skiing, biking with an electric bike and with regular bikes, backpacking, language study, cooking, canoeing, RC airplanes, vintage clothing, card making...I actually have stopped myself from buying jewelry making equipments, soap making supplies, and horse packing stuff.  We have one horse, one motorcycle, and one scooter, one trailer, another trailer, and another trailer! 

The skis are gone, some of the scrapbook stuff is gone, we have pared down our camping stuff in order to just use the trailer now.  So much remains!  We are talking about putting our house on the market and in preparation for that, I have been ruthlessly packing stuff up.  I have crystal from my family--->it goes.  I have antique books-one authored by a family member--->they go.  I have a Swiss doll from 1890 or so--->it will go. 

Anyone out there interested in the doll?  It is in very good condition and would be a wonderful addition to a collection.  I don't collect and this was handed down to me from my grandmother.

A less expensive proposition (read "free") is my small collection of Threads magazines. I have 18 which date pre-1993 and some which are recent.  I'll be offering these soon in a giveaway so stay tuned.

We still have fun together but no more racing.
It's a rainy Sunday afternoon here in central Oregon and a perfect day to sort, organize and sew.  I hope your day/evening is going well. 


  1. I can certainly relate to what you say! My interests have led me to buying a "portable" vintage record player (although I'd have to workout with weights to carry it anywhere!) How often do I use it? Not often because I have a much smaller newer player for my old vinyls.....

    Wishing you a productive afternoon while sorting through everything!

  2. Yes, isn't it amazing what we manage to collect over the course of our lives. I've always tried to keep some semblance of control over "the stuff", but... I wish you happy purging!

  3. The amount of "stuff" a family can collect is a bit scary, isn't it? Over the years though we've been good about garage sales to get rid of old stuff (similar to your yard sales) so the accumulation has been kept in check. And nowadays I just sew...

  4. Oh wow, purging is tough! I have a craft room and while it is mostly sewing there are many other types of supplies in there as well. I have been thinking it may be time to let my polymer clay and mosaic supplies go. But it's hard!

  5. I know just what you mean... I have stuff from 9 years overseas in my parents' garage as well as in my own room, I can hardly move and yet can never go past a bargain (in fact, as you would know, I actively SEEK bargains!). Thanks for the tip re Bisbee turquoise... although it could seriously be my downfall, there is so much great stuff out there.
    And Threads magazines sound good, I will keep my eye out for that!


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