Thursday, March 17, 2011

A sense of place

Bisbee, AZ in the late 1800’s was a rough mining town.  The mines produced 8 billion tons of copper, along with gold, silver, lead, zinc and turquoise.  (Ah, Bisbee turquoise is the best in the world…reasons for which involve way too much science for this blog.)   Anyway, what makes the town a draw to travelers is the historic downtown and the underground tour of the Queen mine.  We visited because this is where my dad grew up, and seeing this hillside town with its crooked streets, Victorian homes and hidden art makes me realize that this desert town left a large mark on my dad and consequently, my family.

Today the town is quirky and fun and expensive and also home to some street people.  It feels like Santa Cruz CA, Ashland OR or some of those funny neighborhoods in the redwoods.  

Stay tuned for some pictorial tours of the mine, and the difficulties right now and it's best to just post and pray.

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