Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the Devil's Highway

organ pipe cactus and shadows
We are heading south on Tuesday and will be spending some time in Organ Pipe National Monument, an area known as the Devil's Highway to some. Many people cross into the US at this point, and the Border Patrol is very active in the Monument. Approximately 70% of the Monument is closed to tourists because of the walkers, and the BP, and the drug traffic. Even with these reminders of the extreme poverty some live in, and the risks they take, I still love Organ Pipe for its landscape, its mountains, and its light. It is truly a gem of the southwest desert.

I have been sewing while here outside of Tucson-I've made a Marcy Tilton jacket using a lovely alpaca wool, some lounging pants, silkscreened tees, and am currently working on some cotton pjs.  No more electricity for awhile so I'll switch to some other occupation.  I plan to do a little bit of drawing using some of my photos I've taken of textures.  For those interested in the connections between drawing and sewing, here is a book recommendation:

Drawn to Stitch: Line, drawing and mark-making in textile art by Gwen Hedley

Until Ajo...when I can check email etc....


  1. The deep colors and the effect from the shadows in this photo are almost breathtaking! You do have an eye for color and line. It would be great to see some of the drawings you've done.

    Sounds like a relaxing trip. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful photo! What, you didn't bring your treadle? `-)


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