Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ajo, Arizona

Photo of the church across from the Ajo plaza, taken in winter 2010.  Today I am sitting outside the Oasis cafe enjoying the same view, but with a brilliant blue sky and a slight breeze.  Not much has changed in Ajo since I visited last year, and not much will change in this tiny border town, I would guess.  The border is tighter this year, and both Ross and I have noticed an increased presence of Border Patrol.  In fact, when I took the dogs out last night before bed, I saw a Border Patrol truck cruising through the campground with a spotlight on the desert.   We are surprised at the lack of tourists and snowbirds this year also.  The campground is very quiet, with many spots empty.  Fear?  Money?  Diesel prices? 

My regular life continues in this perfect desert paradise...I am reading "New York: the novel" by E. Rutherford, along with some blogs available on Kindle.  I'm sewing, usually handwork, and planning my spring and summer wardrobe changes.  My big news is that I have picked up my drawing pencils again after setting them down years ago.  Drawing fills a creative need I feel, and I am becoming interested in ways to translate my sketches into clothing I will make this spring.


  1. Sounds like a lovely life in paradise. Be sure to post some of your drawings for us to see, please.

  2. So traveling and relaxing has brought out a new slant of your artistic side. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your creations!
    I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation. What a lucky gal :)

  3. I love to draw too and haven't for years and years. I should get some pencils and pick it up again. It is quite satisfying isn't it. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Safe travels.

  4. Drawing is a soul-killing exercise for me because I am SO bad at it. I took an art class for a few years and grew to dread it because I hate drawing so much. Enjoy your gift!


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