Friday, January 7, 2011

winter weather in the desert

The last three mornings in which I have gotten up to walk the dogs, the temperature has been close to freezing. As in 33.5 degrees Fahrenheit. As in not much warmer than home right now. I stumble out of the bedroom, which, by the way, is an incredible luxury in this new trailer, and drag a heavy winter jacket over my pajamas. I mash my felted cap over my sleepy hairdo, put on some gloves and pick up both dogs from their sleeping pen. We are all excited for the new day but all of us are COLD…and the dogs have learned that “GO PEE” means “do it now”. Even Nick ignores the numerous kangaroo rat holes in order to get back inside.

Now, I’m really not complaining as this cold spell is not accompanied by either high winds (that was 10 days ago) or by torrential rains (that was 7 days ago). It’s just plain cold. Residents in Borrego Springs assure us this is unusual, and our relatives in Orange have also said this is not a regular weather pattern for the area.

Our days follow the same pattern no matter the weather: eat, study/read, exercise, explore, rest. Here are some pictures of recent days. The rain shots were taken at Palm Canyon campground where we stayed to regroup after the wind storm. The rain was actually a pleasure to walk in and the desert greened up after the few days of moisture. The storm clouds backed up to the peak behind us, and just let loose. Doesn’t this look a bit like Hawaii? The sunny pictures are from a 4 wheel excursion to Font’s Point. I have 2 tee shirts and a fleece vest on!


  1. The misty mountain behind the palms certainly does look like Hawaii. I hope it clears up and you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. That shot does look like the base of the West Maui mountains. Hope it warms up for you so it can start feeling like HI too!

  3. It was cold when I visited Texas over the holidays and I felt cheated!!! I hope it warms up for you soon.

  4. Hi Mary,

    Thinking about you lately. Hope the weather is treating you well while you're away!


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