Thursday, December 2, 2010

snowed in!

We got up early today in order to load the last of our supplies in the trailer.  It was snowing a little bit at 6 am, and then a little more at 7.  You can probably guess what happened.  Yep, it hasn't stopped snowing at all.  Constant, heavy, wet snow ALL DAY.  So, we are still here at 4500 feet and waiting for better weather to drive a truck and trailer down the mountain to sea level.  Once the weather turns, we will wait a few hours for the semi-trucks to drive the treacherous parts first and break up the ice...then we'll fly out of here.

To console myself, I looked through our pictures from last year and found some gems.  Here are some shots of a camp visitor at Pinnacles in California.  BTW, Pinnacles is a wonderful place to go hiking, and you can hike through the cave system there.

Lynx rufus (bobcat)

She was hunting in the meadow near our camp and completely ignored us as we carefully moved closer to take pictures.  I know she was aware of us,and our dogs, but seemed very tame.  The rangers told us later that she comes into the park each year to have her kittens.  Smart bobcat!

She was bigger than our terriers, and they knew it.  

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  1. Oh my gosh, the downfalls of snow that I have very little idea about! We think of it as magical fluffy stuff that is awesome fun to play in and ski on, but of course it must be an awful nuisance in situations like yours...! I certainly hope you can get off onto your holiday soon!
    Your photos of the bobcat are amazing!! She is one smart cat...


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