Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear readers, I am off to warmer country for the winter.  The trailer is packed, and there is a little more room left to set in my Elna, some patterns and notions, and some fabric.  Food is in containers and coolers-ready to transfer into the kitchen, and I have loaded a cookbook onto my laptop.  My hiking boots are ready, my camera is charged up and I am looking forward to some desert nights with stars shining down close enough to touch. 

I plan to keep a paper journal (wow, how retro!) and transfer some thoughts onto the blog as I come across wifi.  So, please be patient with the hit and miss nature of blogging from Starbucks.  Plus, I share the laptop with my husband and that means I need to type fast and check PatternReview even faster.  I hope I'll have some moments to respond to your blogs, but know that even if I am not commenting, I will still read when we have a connection. 

Any new thoughts on creativity with the last entry?   More to come-stay tuned.


  1. Paper retro? That was quite funny.

    What you said about creativity, especially the motivation for it is interesting. It made me think of the reading I've done on personality types lately. I'll have to do a blog post on this sometime, since I'm curious how personality affects how people go about sewing. Anyway, I also tend to analyze and reanalyze how everything can be improved upon. It's different from perfectionism, since I'm more concerned about the process and the improvement and acquisition of skills.

  2. Have a wonderful winter! Is that a Joshua Tree?

  3. I'll miss your blog posts as I think you are such a good writer. Have a wonderful time. I look forward to reading about it. Ah - retirement and time to do such things...

  4. I hope you are able to make your escape soon. Is the snowfall slowing your departure? I'm sure you don't want to drive through crummy weather. Your trip sounds so adventurous and I'm glad you'll have your sewing machine... Happy and safe travels to you and yours.


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