Monday, November 8, 2010

This is my home for the winter

Arctic Fox 26X 
We are thrilled with our new trailer.  It is 4 feet longer than our old one, and that 4 feet seems so luxurious.   I actually have room inside to do yoga and my back exercises...and maybe dance to some old time rock n' roll.  Here it is on its maiden voyage: I cannot believe my husband was able to park it in a straight space, or at 90 degrees to the road.  But he did, with only a minimum of deliberation, and with only a small amount of damage to the grass in the camp across from us. 

We camped at Cove Palisades State Park, which is located on Lake Billy Chinook and the junction of the Metolious, Deschutes and Crooked Rivers.  The area is high desert, and our camp was located on the cliffs above the lake.  See the teeny trees on the cliffs in the distance?  That is the campground and we traveled to the other side of the lake in order to explore. The view was astounding, even to us, who have lived in volcanic country for 30+ years.  Look at these layers and columns, and how they have been distorted.
This is a photo of the Crooked River as seen from the Peter Skene Ogden Wayside, a wonderful place to stop for lunch and a stretch on your travels.  This is not an overnight location, and dogs are not allowed out of vehicles.  You can see why-according to the signs, it is 300 feet to the bottom though it seemed deeper to me.

We had a great time exploring some little known parts of Oregon, and came home tired...
Nick after a hike

Bandit resting in the back of the truck
               but looking forward to our winter travels through the southwest.


  1. Boy these pictures brought back memories. I have camped so many times at Billy Chinook. We used to make an annual summer trip there to wakeboard. I remember one summer we were on one of the forks of the rivers that dump into it, can't remember which one now, but the small, (can't remember which kind) salmon were so abundant that summer. Good times! Wow, have fun in that new "winter" home!

  2. Gorgeous scenery! I'd love to go back through the West someday (born and raised in California).

  3. What amazing scenery! And what fun, semi-camping out in that nifty trailer! I have a romantic desire to do the same thing one of these days, possibly will have to wait until retirement myself...
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Stunning scenery and looks like Nick and Bandit are having fun.. love that name, Bandit! It really looks like it would suit him (him? her?)

  5. Wow. I haven't looked at your blog recently and until now have only heard tell of your new "home". It is awesome! You're going to be stylin and comfy on your winter getaway ... and the scenery on this trip is fantastic. The pooches are DARLING!!!!


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