Friday, October 22, 2010

Pattern Stash contest on PR

Time flies!  My last post was October 7 and here it is October 22.  I have been busy with a wonderfully fun contest on PatternReview.  Do you remember that I had counted my patterns and been aghast with a count of 171?  Well, it could be worse...there are people out there with many, many more.  I know this because they have 'fessed up to me.  In addition, there are those unfortunates who buy patterns fully intending to use them, but life moves on, the pattern is filed, and then sadly forgotten.   "Hi, my name is Mary and I am a ..."  raising my hand clutching a wad of uncut patterns.  I KNOW I have lots and lots of unused patterns so I signed up for the Pattern Stash contest on PatternReview.  The goal is to make up as many of your uncut (6 month or older) patterns as possible in 2 months time.

I have completed 11 separate projects this month. Eleven!  I am close to full in my closet but that is a whole other post.  It has been totally fun to sort patterns and find ones that are not too sadly out of date, and then find fabric (in my stash, of course) that will work.  These two boundaries on my sewing this month have helped me be as creative as possible within the constraints of using ONLY stash fabric and patterns.  Here is a collage of a few of my recent tops:

You know what's ironic about this contest?  I think the winner gets a ... pattern gift card.  I hope I don't win.


  1. Oh, these look lovely. I really like the double knit in taupe. The high collar and the way you have styled your hair is a clever look. I'll have to pop over the PR to see what patterns you've made up here. Way to go on the contest!

  2. Eleven? That's amazing! I signed up for the contest but haven't sewn a single thing from a pattern old enough to qualify. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your creations are lovely. I would think my fave would be the taupe one, which would be ideal for New England late fall weather. Very nice collection, and all from stash! You've been very busy!


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