Saturday, October 23, 2010

Managing my life: retirement update #4

Before I retired, I dreamed of all the lazy mornings I would enjoy,  the novels I would savor, the leisurely walks I would take.  True, true and true.  Also true are obligations, errands, chores, self imposed deadlines. 
It seems as though the characteristics that helped me be a successful professional are still present.  I'm just happier when I have a list, and check things off.  I would guess that the main difference between my working lists and my retirement lists is what is on each of them.  Instead of staff meeting, I have "meet with Nancy re: Recovery-the sacred art book discussion".  In place of prep for lab, I have "work with Woodrow before Annika's riding lesson".  Replacing ordering chem supplies is "meet with Frontier re: new travel trailer".

It comes as no surprise that I organize my sewing projects, organize my cooking and cleaning (such as it is), and even organize my personal/emotional/spiritual development.  I am so busy!  I cannot imagine getting bored with this life, and I actually will need to take a break from my schedule pretty soon.  Here is what I am working on in the sewing room:

 McCalls 5276 View B in fushcia lambswool flannel.  I laid the fabric out a few days ago and let it relax a bit, then figured out the best layout.   This jacket is very wide as it is a swing style and has an inverted pleat in the back.   I looked over the completed garment measurements carefully and decided to cut a size 10 with a little teeny bit more on the sides.  I then altered the slope of the swing so it is less pronounced.   I also extended the entire length by 1 inch as I'd like this to hit at high hip rather than my waist.  This jacket was pretty popular about 3 years ago and I am hoping the added length and slimmer outline will update it to 2010.

Tonight I finished cutting it out and fusing interfacing.  Tomorrow I'll start sewing. 

 Have a wonderful Sunday and check in with a comment about your own busy life.


  1. Hehe, I have this pattern too! I made a muslin up once but not yet the full version, and just a caution; it runs on the big side. Even considering it is a swing jacket.
    Hmmm, your career sounds familiar... I was an analytical chemist before my present situation (managing my husband's medical practice) and I did much of what you were describing.
    It's wonderful you have such an active busy retirement and are making the most of it!

  2. Love the color of this fabric, Mary!


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