Monday, September 6, 2010

where the wild things are...

A few days ago, I woke early.  It seems as though I am sleeping less as I get older...but I digress.  I gathered the dogs from their corners in the bedroom, and gently closed the door.  The three of us went downstairs, and as the dogs spent some time in their yard, I made coffee and glanced to the back patio to see if I needed to fill the bird feeders.  My neighbor's black and white kitty was waiting for an unsuspecting sparrow or quail on the rock wall, so I stepped out to shoo her away.  Looking to the back of the property, I saw this------------

He has grown up in the neighborhood, and feels quite at home.  I haven't seen him bedded down before and am surprised that he chose my grass pile so close in.  Isn't he gorgeous?  He had a sibling with him a few weeks ago, but she is gone now.

Since I am here, I'll double up and add my SSS attire.  Today is a wash-I am in store bought clothes today!  I am going out tonight so I'll grab a self stitched item just to stay within the "rules".  Yesterday I rode my horse and wore this:
Green tee shirt from Tucson Goodwill; wrinkles courtesy of my folding technique
Black riding breeches made from Suitability Patterns

My wonderful horse Woodrow is retired from competition, and we have been a little bored with ring work and the occasional trail ride.  So, he auditioned for a job as a lesson horse, and passed with flying colors!  Here he is with Annika, his new buddy.
I'm getting a look from the old guy!
Ever patient
I am so very happy that I can still ride Woodrow, though not at the level we have done in the past.  He is in very good shape considering his history (I rescued him when he was about 12yo), his old injuries (we just see the scars and don't know what happened to him), and his age (20+yo).  This was the very first time Annika had been on a horse and she did a fantastic job!  I'm very proud of both of them. 


  1. How lovely to see the buck in your photo.

    I am very impressed that you make your riding breeches. I have heard a rumour that you have to attach leather to a knit. It sounds very tricky to me (although staying on a horse would be even more tricky in my case).

  2. The suede knee patches on the inside of the knee are cut out and attached after the breeches are completed. They are zigzaged on with one pass. It's good to avoid having extra thread on the inside of the patch as your leg could get rubbed. Breeches have negative ease and are pretty easy to fit. Getting them on is another story!

  3. I understand your relationship with Woodrow. We had an older pony for our boys when they were young, and they "outgrew" him... his ring days were long gone. We sold him to a trainer who wanted a trusty pony for young children. It worked out perfect for everyone.

    Nice work on the breeches! They turned out great.

  4. That photo of the deer in your yard is absolutely awesome and magical, how wonderful!! We lived in the US for a year, and we occasionally got deer in our yard, it never failed to blow me away with excitement when I saw them!
    Just on a side note; when we were there people constantly asked if we had a pet kangaroo, and why not?, one day it occurred to me to point out that would be like having a deer for a pet for Americans; and this helped people to understand. Just like deer in America, kangaroos here live alongside us, but rarely build a pet/owner relationship with us... (sorry to digress)

  5. That is a very calm deer! Woodrow looks happy to be busy.

  6. What a lovely sight to see first thing in the morning! We have rainbow lorikeets and all manner of crazy birds in our backyard as well as possums, but like Carolyn said, no kangaroos (although I saw a dead one by the side of the road only 5 minutes from my house last week).
    You can see a pic of the birds here..
    I'm loving reading your retirement stories... I want to be just like this when I retire (although that means finding a husband, learning to ride a horse etc first...hmm, lots to put on my 'to do' list...)

  7. Sorry, my comment is completely off-topic from the actual post, but I just saw on your profile that you like Jackson Browne. My best friend loves Jackson Browne and we went to a music festival this summer and saw him play and he was amazing!
    (Yep, very off-topic)


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