Thursday, September 2, 2010

"She cleans up good"

All you country girls out there will recognize the title.  It's meant as a compliment, really!  I am on my way to an after dinner meeting, after moving 50 lb bags of Equine Senior (actually watching my husband move 50 lb bags and saying helpful things like "No, I want it over here").  We also worked on a home improvement project and I cleaned out a portion of the attic.

Outfit #2 of SSS consists of a green linen shell I made some time ago from Simplicity 8368, some knit travel pants and another groovy bag.  This one is straw with a fish motif of pink sequins.  Love it!


  1. That is a very groovy bag! And your linen shell is such a divine barely-there colour, perfect vibes for summer coolness...

  2. I love your shell, especially the color. I've never worked with linen, but it's been on my mind lately...
    That's a very "professional" looking outfit.

    And yes, I do know the saying ;)

    Have a great day!


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