Friday, September 10, 2010

I am all self-stitched today!

self-stitched september is motivating many of us to analyze our wardrobes for new combinations, finish sewing projects long forgotten and remake some clothes which never did fit.  I've followed some participants and have been so interested in what they wear each day.  Casual, sporty, business wear, couture level sewing, thrifted and remade...I love looking over the outfits and knowing they are handmade.  I have not been able to post a picture each day because...uh...I don't know.  I guess some days I am bored by clothing and the last thing I want to do is photograph it.  Today though...ah, today I am wearing my first successful pair of pants.  I made them two years ago from Butterick 4811 and the review is found on PR here.  I think I tried 5 times before getting a wearable pair!  These floral pants are paired with a top remade from a thrift shop find.  I used V7799
Cowboy belt from a consignment shop...really cute flats from Payless Shoes. 
I haven't worn these pants much because the black/white floral print seems clownlike to me.  I bought the damn fabric though, so on some level I must like it.  The pants are comfy, wide legged, and look pretty good once I figured that they needed a fitted and black top.  I wish I could show you the center seam in the top.  Look at the pattern link-the seam is in the's a cool detail that I have used in many of my plain tops.

Besides blogging about clothing, photographing clothing, reading about clothing, I have been sewing clothing. I'm in the process of writing a review of a Marcy Tilton pattern (V 8397)-which I LOVE-and want to share a few preview pics with you.  Here are the pants which will show up in sss posts in the future and in a PR review.  Oh! and you can see my cute flats.
#2-suspicious swimsuit like fabric from JA

#1-muslin but ironically the best fit

#3-fabric chosen by Marcy for me.  It is a sage green stripe.


  1. It's great how one little black top can turn into so many outfits. And every pair of pants came out nice. I envy anyone who can make a good-fitting pair of pants. I haven't been able to do that in years.

  2. Thanks so much! This particular pattern, and really most of Marcy Tilton's designs, are very forgiving.

  3. Isn't it great when you find a pattern for nice fitting pants? I love it! I really like that top, you could pair it with almost anything, I also like your white/black pants, and I don't think they're clown like, I would definitely wear them!

  4. all adorable...what fabric did you use for the blue snd the red pants?

  5. I think those pants looks great. I have a hard time fitting pants too. I guess you should find one pattern that works for you and stick with it.


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